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From Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly to Joey and Chandler: Best on screen bromances

This list will be sure to take you down memory lane

Adelle Fernandes
Jul 12, 2021
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Male friendships, also called bromances, are a common theme across films and shows. They often make for more entertaining content than romantic relationships on the screen do. Here’s a list of some of the best male friends who stuck by each other through thick and thin. Not only did they make us laugh, but they also gave us some raw emotional moments. This list will be sure to take you down memory lane.

  1. Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly – Game of Thrones

The narrative of the show makes it difficult for characters to forge strong bonds of friendship. However, Jon and Samwell prove to be an exception to the same. They share a special bond and are indeed fan favourites. Jon is always looking after Samwell and considers him unique when others turned their back on him. Samwell also reciprocates the trust Jon has in him throughout their time at the wall.

2. Walter and Jesse – Breaking Bad

Although the two are often at loggerheads with each other, they share a deep and strong bond. Deep down, they love each other and often put their own lives on the line when one of them is in danger. The two masterminds share some great moments together as they build their very own meth empire.

3. Sherlock and Watson – Sherlock

Sherlock and Watson’s bond is truly highlighted in the Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman version of this classic. Although they have their differences and fallouts, they blindly trust each other. The equation they share makes the show entertaining and adds a hint of humour to the otherwise serious series.

4. Ted and Barney – How I Met your Mother

Although one could argue that Ted and Marshall are closer as friends, it is Ted’s bond with Barney that makes the series entertaining. The two of them have very different outlooks when it comes to women, but they put their differences aside and make time for one another.

5. Harvey and Mike – Suits

This iconic duo rarely admits their love for each other, but it is evident that they share a deep bond and are very close. Although their relationship starts with Harvey being Mike’s boss, the two hit it off immediately. They always look out for each other. Mike also once went to jail, as he refused to snitch on his best friend. The manner in which they interact with each other and their playful banter makes the show an entertaining watch.

6. Joey and Chandler – Friends

How could this list be complete without this iconic bromance? Joey and Chandler are the best of friends who would do anything for each other. Right from watching Baywatch and playing foosball, the two never fail to entertain. Although Chandler seems to be the more serious of the two, he manages to let loose and have fun with Joey around.

7. Buzz and Woody – Toy Story

With Woody initially being jealous when Andy gets a new space toy, Buzz, the two manage to deal with any situation thrown at them. They have some fantastic adventures and give viewers quite a few laughs as well. Their relationship however grew stronger when Andy was going off to college and left his toys behind.

8. Turk and J.D. – Scrubs

Turk and J.D. went to college together and stuck by each other throughout medical school. They continue their bromance even in adulthood when they work at the same hospital. Their hectic jobs and jam-packed schedules do not stop them from having fun, singing and giving each other some of the most bizarre nicknames.

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