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Ganesh: Gaalipata 2 will be my best film with Yogaraj Bhat

The Golden Star was speaking at the pre-release event of the film. Gaalipata 2 will be in theatres on August 12

  • Prathibha Joy

Last Updated: 04.34 PM, Jul 31, 2022

Ganesh: Gaalipata 2 will be my best film with Yogaraj Bhat
Gaalipata 2 is Ganesh's fourth film with Yogaraj Bhat

Golden Star Ganesh and director Yogaraj Bhat’s professional journey began 17-18 years ago, during which time they did several films together. But their latest Gaalipata 2 is the film that got Ganesh to call the filmmaker for the first time to appreciate him for making a movie like this. “I had not called him after Mungaru Male, Gaalipata or Mugulu Nage. But after I finished dubbing for my role in Gaalipata 2, I called him and said that this is not only one of the best scripts that he has written, but also the best that the two of us had collaborated on. Among all the films that we have done together, I believe that Gaalipata 2 is a class apart,” said Ganesh.

Interestingly, Ganesh didn’t have the same opinion when he got a script narration. “When he was telling me about Gaalipata 2, I was honestly not sure how he was going to present much of what he had planned onscreen. He had a lot of ideas, which at that point didn’t seem doable, but after seeing the film, I cannot believe that I had doubts about his vision and mastery to make it happen. This is our best work together,” he added.

The Golden Star added that when they began working on Gaalipata 2, one of their worries was about how they’d present an entertainer that is also high on emotions, given that they’d already done a similar film with Mugulu Nage. Once they completed dubbing, they had the confidence that they’d achieved what they set out to do. “Gaalipata 2 is an entertaining and emotional tale about friendship, which Bhatru has narrated very well,” said Ganesh.

On a parting note, the actor said that music composer Arjun Janya deserves a special mention because he had his work cut out from the word go. “The songs of Gaalipata have a cult following and continue to be popular after 14 years. I am not saying that he has composed songs that are better than those of the original, but he has given us music that is just apt for Gaalipata 2. I am grateful to Arjun for taking it as a challenge and giving us the music of the film,” he said and added in jest, “Finally, our producer Ramesh Reddy deserves a big round of applause for backing a project with me and Yogaraj and going on to complete it even after he got to know how the two of us are on set. “