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Ghost third OGM full video has some truly whistle-worthy moments and action too

The third OGM plays out during a pivotal moment in the narrative and features one of the best action sequences of the film

Ghost third OGM full video has some truly whistle-worthy moments and action too
Shivarajkumar in a still from the film

Last Updated: 06.09 PM, Nov 24, 2023


A heist movie does not need any unwarranted frills – that was something that director MG Srinivas was very clear about when he made Ghost. Even though he had Century Star Shivarajkumar in the lead, he was not going to dilute the film with an introduction song, or special number, which are seen as pre-requisites of commercial cinema. The score by Arjun Janya featured a few songs, all of which were called Original Gangster Music tracks and were released one by one, which played out during pivotal segments in the story.


One such is the third OGM that plays during a major action sequence in the film, when the identity of Ghost/Dalavayi is questioned by prison inmates, after police officer Chengappa (Jayaram) manages to sow a seed of doubt among them. The action block featuring handcuffs as a prop is one of the best in the film, which is elevated further with the OGM track.

Ghost, which released on October 19, is currently available to stream on Zee5 Kannada. The film revolves around a hostage situation at a prison and the heist of gold that had been stashed away at the premises. The circumstances surrounding how the gold came to be there and the daring heist and escape from the prison forms the crux of the narrative. Shivarajkumar had three avatars in the film, including a de-aged version. His ruthless gangster Dalavayi character, though, turned out to be the most popular. So much so that the team is contemplating making a spin-off about him, even though he is presumed dead in Ghost.

As for their initial plan for Ghost 2, it will be a confrontation between Anand/Ghost and Dalavayi’s son. Shivarajkumar had earlier said that he is keen to start shooting for Ghost 2 sometime in early 2024, for which he wanted to shed some weight and get into character. Right now, though, it seems the Dalavayi spin-off will take off first.

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