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Glad to be back as a hero: Ramarajan on Saamaniyan

Ramarajan’s well-known films include Karakattakaran, Manasukketha Maharasa, Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu and Villu Pattukaran.

Glad to be back as a hero: Ramarajan on Saamaniyan

Ramarajan in Saamaniyan

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Last Updated: 11.55 AM, Sep 20, 2022


With Saamaniyan, actor Ramarajan will return to the big screen for the first time in ten years. Recently, the first-look poster and the movie's teaser event were both held in Chennai.

Directed by Rahesh (Maraindhirundhu Paarkum Marmam Enna-fame), the film features Naksha Saran as the female lead. The supporting cast includes Radharavi, MS Bhaskar, Raja Rani Pandian, Mime Gopi and others.

Ramarajan expressed his happiness at making a comeback as a hero with Saamaniyan during the teaser launch event. “I didn't want to compromise on my desire to only play the hero when I appeared in big-screen movies. I would say that the story and screenplay are the actual heroes of this movie rather than pretending to be one myself.”

“During these years, I came across a lot of scripts, but I didn't think any of them were right for me. Because I am a fervent supporter of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR, I was clear that I shouldn't be involved in movies that had poor morals. My decision to abstain from smoking and drinking is motivated by this,” he added.

Ramarajan went on to say, “In 45 years, I've appeared in 45 films as an actor. I've always had a clean-shaven appearance, so this is the first time you'd see me with a beard. I was shocked by the interval block as the director read the script aloud. I can say with certainty that it will be the first-of-its-kind interval in Tamil cinema.”

Ramarajan noted, “A movie's title is very important, and I don't appreciate the practice of generating sequels just for the sake of it.”

Saamaniyan, produced by V Mathiyalagan of Etcetera Entertainment, will release in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada.

“Many filmmakers, these days, add a ‘part 2’ to the title of the original film and make sequels. When a baby is born, the parents and elders seek a fortunate day, ask around, and eventually decide to name their child ‘Kannan’. Would it be acceptable if they name their second-born, ‘Kannan 2’? A similar effort should be made to give the movies their rightful names.”

Ramarajan, further said, “I was approached by a lot of people with the idea for Karakattakaran 2, and even filmmaker Vijay Milton approached me for Koteeswaran 2, which I flatly rejected.”

Saamaniyan has Arulchelvan as the cinematographer, Achu Rajamani as the music composer and Ram Gopi as the editor. Notably, the movie has a song written by the celebrated director of photography Ravi Varman, marking his first attempt at lyric writing.

Although it's a common misperception, Ramarajan enjoys playing character roles. “I wouldn't object to taking on the role of Vijay or Ajith's brother. Unfortunately, I can't get those kinds of roles.”

The veteran actor mentioned being picky about roles in an interview with the Hindu a few years ago. Because Ramarajan doesn't watch today's movies, it can only be assumed that the political role in RJ Balaji's LKG, which eventually went to the late J K Ritheesh, was offered to him as well as the boxer in Venkat Prabhu's unreleased film, Party.

“I had decided to complete 50 films as an actor and step into a directorial venture initially. However, the situation has completely changed; I am now doing my 45th film, and am glad about it,” Ramarajan concluded.