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Good Omens Season 2: Neil Gaiman’s fantasy series gets a release date

The new six-episode season will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on July 28

Good Omens Season 2: Neil Gaiman’s fantasy series gets a release date

Neil Gaiman is also the co-creator of Good Omens Season 2, featuring Michael Sheen and David Tennant

  • Reema Gowalla

Last Updated: 03.38 AM, May 11, 2023

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And it’s finally here! Four years after the first season was released on Amazon Prime Video, celebrated author Neil Gaiman’s British fantasy comedy series Good Omens is returning with Season 2. Yesterday, the streaming platform announced that Good Omens Season 2, comprising six episodes, will premiere on July 28. What’s more interesting is that to mark the announcement, Neil - who is also co-creator of the series - joined hands with superfans Hilly and Hannah Hindi of The Hillywood Show to come up with a new parody video, which you can watch above. Meanwhile, the poster of the new season features lead cast Michael Sheen and David Tennant, as angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley. 


Good Omens is based on Neil and Terry Pratchett’s 1990 novel Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. Season 1 of the series was a collaboration between Amazon Studios and BBC Studios. It was directed by Douglas Mackinnon, with Neil handling the role of the showrunner. The ensemble cast also included Adria Arjona, Miranda Richardson, Michael McKean, Jack Whitehall, Nick Offerman, Brian Cox, Mireille Enos and Jon Hamm, together with Frances McDormand as the narrator. 

In tandem with the book, the series is dotted with a plethora of Christian themes and figures, as the narrative follows various characters, all on a mission to either motivate or prevent an imminent Armageddon, seen through the eyes of the angel and the demon. For Season 2, Neil will continue his responsibilities as executive producer and co-showrunner, along with executive producer Douglas, who also returned to direct all six episodes.  

The release date of the second season comes on the 33rd anniversary of the publishing of the original novel. The new season, however, will “explore storylines that go beyond the original source material to illuminate the uncanny friendship between Aziraphale, a fussy angel and rare book dealer, and the fast-living demon Crowley. Having been on earth since the beginning, and with the apocalypse thwarted, Aziraphale and Crowley are getting back to easy living amongst mortals in London’s Soho when an unexpected messenger presents a surprising mystery”, Amazon Prime Video said in a statement. 

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