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Gramayana poster: Netizens kicked about Vinay Rajkumar's film, but want him in theatres more frequently

The third-generation actor from the Dr. Rajkumar clan has a lineup of exciting films waiting for release

Gramayana poster: Netizens kicked about Vinay Rajkumar's film, but want him in theatres more frequently
Vinay Rajkumar
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 08.05 AM, Jun 09, 2023


Being born into the Dr. Rajkumar family allows you several privileges in the Kannada Film Industry but a sense of responsibility, too, comes attached. For Vinay Rajkumar, though, it seems that the job isn't only to uphold the dignity and credibility of the family but also to push the envelope and create a new realm for himself, and potentially for others as well if possible. He may not have delivered great results as yet to vouch for his approach but the intent is quite apparent through the selection of roles/projects.

Having begun his career as a child artist and made his bona fide debut in 2015 with Siddhartha, Vinay Rajkumar has gradually revealed a keenness for a sensibility that is slightly off-centred from the mainstream. His films are commercial, no doubt, and one could find flaws in them as well, but they haven't been run-of-the-mill. 

In a career that has spanned only a handful of films, Vinay has played a college kid, a lawyer and also a boxer. His upcoming lineup will see him play a gangster ('Pepe'), an aspiring filmmaker ('Andodittu Kaala') and also a boy next door in Suni's 'Ondu Sarala Premakathe'.

Very recently, it was announced that Vinay Rajkumar would soon get back to playing 'Sixth Sense' Seena in the village drama Gramayana. The film, which had gone on floors back in 2018 with 25 days of shoot completed, was brought to a sudden halt owing to different reasons, only to be relaunched 5 years later. 

The makers, including new producers G Manoharan and K P Sreekanth, unveiled the poster of the film recently to positive reception, with fans and followers showering praise on the young actor for continuing to pick exciting roles.

The encouraging comments and remarks also carried suggestions, with many opining that it was about time that Vinay Rajkumar showed up on the big screen. "All the best, u need to keep churning movies, at least 2-3 per year, low-budget ones," said one user, echoing the sentiments of many others. "Success or failure do every year one movie," said another to urge Vinay to opt for a more strategic approach in the future.

Should his current slate of releases manage to work well, the industry would certainly reap the benefits of a 'main league' actor's experiments and allow for more original content to thrive. Here's hoping to see a lot more of Vinay Rajkumar in the near future.