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Happy Teachers’ Day: Here are some of TV’s most unforgettable teachers who’s charisma will make sure you pay attention in class

Accept it, all of us have our favourite teachers, be it fictional or non-fictional

Shilpa S
Sep 05, 2021
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Love school or hate it, everyone would have at least some cherished memories of the teachers that made even the most mundane of subjects worth learning. Every one would have a favourite teacher, and the ones who say they don’t just haven't found the right one as yet. Even television has witnessed its fair share of teaching legends who have helped and guided their pupils through lessons inside and outside of their classrooms.

On this Teachers’ Day, as you reminisce over the beloved teachers whose efforts made school bearable, here are a few educators on TV shows who earned a place for themselves in viewers’ minds with their teaching prowess.

1. Annalise Keating

Show: How To Get Away With Murder

From her very first scene in the American thriller series, law professor Annalise Keating made sure that not only her students, but viewers as well pricked up their ears in attention. The complex and layered character, which oozes charisma, is powerfully portrayed by the brilliant Viola Davis who earned the prestigious Emmy award for her role. Keating is not only a master at her craft, but also able to get through the toughest of legal tangles with her prowess. She also goes to unimaginable lengths for her students, quite literally giving them classes on how to get away with murder.

2. Jessica Day

Show: New Girl

True to her name, the bubbly Jessica Day is definitely a ray of sunshine both inside the classroom and outside it. The middle school teacher may not have it all together in her messy personal life, but she very well makes sure that her students never lack from anything, and her dedication to her job and pupils eventually helps her move up the ranks to vice principal. Portrayed by the charming Zooey Deschanel, she tries to inspire young minds as much as she can with her optimism and bright eyed view of life, which she never lets go even in the face of the harshest turmoils. As a testimony that Jess indeed has teaching in her blood, she refuses to let go of it and even goes into adult education at one point.

3. Ben Chang

Show: Community

Ben Chang is definitely one of the most hilariously unique educators to make their presence on TV. Emulated by the comedic genius Ken Jeong, the community college Spanish teacher, popularly called Senor Chang, definitely caught people’s attention with his flair and his first ever appearance was nothing short of comedy gold. The narcissistic and highly unstable Chang’s teaching career was short lived though, thankfully for his students, as it was found out that he had faked his teaching credentials to get the job. But fortunately for viewers, they get to see more of Chang again as he enrolls as a student at the same college in later seasons.

4. Syrio Forel

Show: Game of Thrones

All Game of Thrones geeks definitely will hail fencing teacher Syrio Forel for bringing them the iconic lines ‘what do we say to the God of death’, which will have them chiming in ‘not today’. Played by Miltos Yerolemou, the character first makes his short lived appearance on the widely popular fantasy drama in season one, where he is brought in as a sword fighting instructor for young Arya Stark. The flamboyant fencer became an instant hit not only for his impressive swashbuckling, but also for the way he kindly took to the young girl, treating her with the respect and sensitivity she had very rarely witnessed in life from those older than her. Even his exit from the show was heroic, as he stays behind to fight off villains to give his young pupil enough time to escape.

5. William Schuester

Show: Glee

William Schuester is undeniably a memorable part of the hit American musical drama, Glee, although not always for the right reasons. The Spanish teacher with a musical gift, who doesn't hesitate to go to unsavoury lengths to make sure the Glee club, a choir group which brought together some lovable talented misfits together, has certainly gotten people talking. Although the character was appreciated for his growth and development throughout the series’ run, his on screen teaching career, especially when it came to music, was rife with moments of morally grey actions, including blackmail at one point. But hey, maybe it all can be chalked up to his ‘dedication’ to his students, unjustifiable as it was. Matthew Morrison plays the character on Glee.

6. Walter White

Show: Breaking Bad

From a chemistry teacher to a drug kingpin, no educator’s career would have witnessed the roller-coaster ride that Walter White’s has. Although his thankless job at a highschool did not leave him with much, it did help him find a partner for his meth making adventures in his former student. Viewers do not get to see much of his teaching prowess in highschool chemistry, but they will get a unique opportunity into how crystal meth comes about, as Walter White guides us through his finessed tutorial of the same. And apparently his teaching methods work, as his pupil soon gets enough out of him to take over.

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