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Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Here are the 20 unforgettable spells from the world of wizards

Here's is the curated list...

Sunidhi Prajapat
Jan 02, 2022
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Harry Potter fans can be found all over the world. Once upon a time, every kid on the Earth wanted to study in the famous Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, it’s actually not possible in real-life but we all have tried to learn the famous spells that have been used in the magical world of J. K Rowling's book and in its adapted films that star Daniel Radcliffe in the titular role alongside Emma Watson as Hermione Granger and Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley. 

As we’ve recently celebrated Harry Potter 20th Anniversary with the reunion episode that is available to be streamed on HBO max and Amazon Prime Video, all the memories came back to us. 

To make the 20 years of Harry Potter even more memorable, we’ve curated a list of 20 unforgettable spells that have been used in the films.


One of the underrated but most important spells helps to produce water in need. Harry used it in the Half-Blood Prince merely before Dumbeldore gets killed by Snape. 


Famous for unlocking doors, Alohomora is one of the best spells to remember for the people who keep forgetting their keys. Hermione used it to unlock a door inside Hogwarts in the search of the sorcerer's stone in the first instalment.

Avada Kedavra

Also known as the Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra is used for the instant death of the enemy. However, Harry survives when Voldermort curses him with the same due to his mother’s sacrifice.

Brackium Emendo

The simple spell gets the cracked bones rejoined again, however, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban professor Gilderoy Lockhart couldn’t get it right when Harry broke his bones during Quidditch.

Expecto Patronum

The helpful spell is used to channel someone’s happiest memory to protect them from the soul-sucking Dementors (Dampishach).


Not so famous charm, was helpful to end a brawl or fight as it used to remove the wand from your opponent’s hand.


The mischievous spell can cover someone in angry, painful boils if cast on them.


The next charm in the list doesn’t seem very harmful to someone, however, it was sad to watch Hermione casting the spell on her parents to keep them safe from Voldemort's army. 

Locomotor Wibbly

Another mischievous charm that can turn your opponents’ legs to jelly whenever you cast it on them.

Lumos Maxima

It brightens your day or night! The spell can cause a light at the tip of your wand and can make that ball of light fly from one corner of the room to another.

Oculus Reparo

The cutest spell of all that has been used by Hermione on Harry’s broken glasses multiple times throughout the Harry Potter movies.

Petrificus Totalus

The spell can get your full-body paralyzed for a long time. Frightening, isn’t it!

Silencio - Silences the target

The most helpful charm, if you want to silence someone during an intense quarrel.


The spell helps to shrink whatever you want in the tiniest size and that too very quickly. This charm is opposite to Engorgio.

Wingardium Leviosa

This would probably be the first spell that has been learnt and even tried by most of the Harry Potter fans. Wingardium Leviosa helps to make the objects float in the air with the flick of their wand.


The ‘not so dangerous charm’ used to hit the target hard and make them unconscious for a few minutes.


As the name suggests, this spell creates explosions wherever your wand points at.


A simple spell is used to vanish any object you want.

Petrificus Totalus

Another non-harmful charm is used to freeze a person’s body temporarily. 

Unbreakable Vow

It magically binds people into an unbroken charm. Whosoever tries to break it, dies. Snape took the vow with Narcissa Malfoy, in order to save his son during the final war.

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