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Hello Remember Me: When and where to watch Ishaa Saha and Paayel Sarkar’s romantic thriller

The actresses replaced Priyanka Sarkar and Raima Sen from the previous seasons. 

Hello Remember Me: When and where to watch Ishaa Saha and Paayel Sarkar’s romantic thriller
Paayel Sarkarv and Ishaa Saha in Hello! Remember Me
  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 12.52 PM, Oct 08, 2022


After three successful seasons of Hello with Raima Sen, Priyanka Sarkar, and Joy Sengupta, Sahana Dutta is all set to bring a fresh season of Hello. This time, Paayel Sarkar and Ishaa Saha will be seen as the lead. Sourav Chakraborty will play an important character. Labani Sarkar will be seen as his mother. According to reports, Ishaa Saha will be seen as Sourav’s wife. The new season, Hello Remember Me, will be directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee. 

Ever since its first season which was dropped in 2017, Hello gained popularity with its sensuous plot and thrill. A couple of teasers of the new season were dropped. However, the trailer for the season will be released on October 10. The show, however, will be dropped on Hoichoi on October 21. 

The initial announcement teaser introduces the character, Malini, played by Ishaa, and Tori, played by Paayel. While Malini is seen to be a pregnant woman, tori appears to be an adventurous photographer. The teaser was launched at the sixth-anniversary party of Hoichoi last month. 

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Initially, in the first season, the series started with Nandita, played by Raima Sen, receiving a series of messages showing her husband Ananyo’s intimate texts with Nina, Priyanka Sarkar. As her philanderer husband is exposed, Nandita senses that she has been the true target of the messages. After the successful first season, the second season shows how Ananyo realises that he has been manipulated by Nina so that she can reach Nandini. The plot gets complete clarity in the third season with new characters and a lot of answers to the questions. 

As per sources close to Hoichoi, the fourth season will deal with a new plot. However, this will also be a family drama with thrill elements weaved in.