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How I Met Your Father cancelled: Fans uncover clues pointing to THIS actor as the Father in the Hilary Duff sitcom

On September 1, 2023, the series was cancelled after two seasons without revealing the identity of the father.

How I Met Your Father cancelled: Fans uncover clues pointing to THIS actor as the Father in the Hilary Duff sitcom

A still from How I Met Your Father

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Last Updated: 01.19 PM, Sep 08, 2023


Since Hulu decided not to renew How I Met Your Father for a third season on September 1, fans may never get to find out who the father is on the How I Met Your Mother spin-off. They, though, will not be deterred from figuring it out on their own. Interestingly, one viewer has traced hints back to the pilot to come to the conclusion that Sid (Suraj Sharma) is the father of Sophie's (Hilary Duff) child.

Clues Hinting at Sid as the Father

No one probably paid attention to the fact that Sid was included in the montage of potential "fathers" for Sophie in the pilot episode. She shared numerous wonderful and touching moments with her closest buddy Sid despite staying fully platonic throughout the first two seasons, when the focus was on the "will they or won't they" relationship between Sophie and Jesse (Chris Lowell). As an illustration of what they could become, fans often cite the hallway scene from Episode 5, where the two sympathise over bickering with their significant others on their double date.

Sid and Sophie's Relationship

More signs of Sid and Sophie's blossoming friendship were seen in season 2. Kim Cattrall (as the elder Sophie) says to her son that by the time she turned 40, she had kissed literally all of her friends, which implies that she and Sid shared at least one kiss by the end of the series. They engaged in a number of amusing antics together, with Jesse being the primary target of much of their attention. But after Sid agrees to allow Sophie and her dad to host a hot dog pop-up at his bar, she thoughtfully saves him the final hot dog, and he, in an utterly unserious yet truly poignant moment, thanks her for not getting him murdered.

Meanwhile, Sid's confession to his wife Hannah in the series finale that he almost "had a thing with someone" after she confessed to kissing a coworker and her initial assumption was Sophie was maybe the biggest hint. To which he replies, "No, why would you think that?"

The fact that Hannah's first thought was of Sophie may indicate that the relationship between her and Sid has not fully developed.


There are also rumours circulating about what happened on a comedy set, which support this hypothesis. In 2022, two different Redditors claimed to have witnessed an ex-How I Met Your Father writer performing as the opening act for John Mulaney at one of his gigs, with them allegedly revealing some of the mystery by revealing the father's Indian ancestry. When the show's cancellation was announced, @hankofjuly on Twitter shared a similar sentiment. If these rumours are true, then Sid must be the father, as Suraj is the only other Indian actor in the main cast.

This Reddit thread also included clues from almost every How I Met Your Father episode. All signs clearly point to Sid, and it seems like if the series continued, fans would have been happy with that ending. But viewers may never know the truth unless the show is miraculously saved or one of the actors or staff members is nice enough to divulge the father's identity.