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Hum Do Teen Chaar: Comedian Sumukhi Suresh says doing Biswa Kalyan Rath’s mini-series is one of her best decisions ever

Created by OML, the show is currently streaming on Amazon miniTV

  • Kanishka Dogra

Last Updated: 03.03 PM, Apr 26, 2022

Hum Do Teen Chaar: Comedian Sumukhi Suresh says doing Biswa Kalyan Rath’s mini-series is one of her best decisions ever
Hum Do Teen Chaar

The latest episode of the popular comedy mini-series Hum Do Teen Chaar, written by stand-up comedian, Biswa Kalyan Rath, which the fans have been waiting for eagerly, was released today. Speaking about the final episode of Amazon miniTV series, the comedian and actor, Sumukhi Suresh said it was a whole combo of 'fun' for her and doing the series is one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Hum Do Teen Char, also starring Biswa Kalyan Rath with Sumukhi, has captivated viewers with its realistic story, hilarious punchlines, and brilliant chemistry among the complete ensemble.

The narrative revolves around a middle-class couple, played by Biswa and Sumukhi, with the husband trying hard to expand his business and the wife working as a clerk. Their lives revolve around their jobs and their children. Seven of the eight episodes were released earlier, and the last episode was released today, much to the delight of those who were waiting for it.

Sumukhi Suresh, in her statement, talks about how she became involved with this project and how excited she is for the final episode to air. "I remember Biswa telling me about Bindu's (her role on Hum Do Teen Chaar) character and asking if I knew somebody who could play it, and I was almost like, give it to me."

She further said she was really intrigued about the role she was portraying, which was a whole new experience for her, and she knew it would be incredibly humorous because it is Biswa's show. She added that she is very happy with her decision to do such an amazing show. “I don’t think anyone else would have written something where Biswa and I would have been cast together and he did that. With so many talented people onboard, for me it was a complete recipe for ‘fun’, and I didn’t want to miss out.”

Hum Do Teen Chaar, created by OML also stars Kumar Varun, Rahul S, Prashasti, Subhan Khan and Rivya Rai. It is available to streem on Amazon miniTV within the Amazon shopping app for free. Don't miss out on this one if you're looking for some good laughs!