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I would like to wish for ‘equality’ between men and women, says Elnaaz Norouzi

The actress spoke at length about the importance of ‘Women’s Day’ in her life amongst the other things

I would like to wish for ‘equality’ between men and women, says Elnaaz Norouzi
Pic Courtesy: Official Instagram Account of Elnaaz Norouzi
  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 03.49 PM, Mar 08, 2023

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Elnaaz, what does 'Women’s Day' mean to you?
I believe Woman’s Day is the day which is dedicated to celebrate the cultural, social, economic and political achievements of women. Also the gender apartheid that we have in the world between men and women, this day is the reminder to celebrate the gender of women. It’s a day to celebrate the existence of women.

What does the term ‘Woman’ mean to you?
The term ‘woman’ means a lot of things. When you think of a woman, you immediately think of giving birth to a life, you think of kindness, you think of respect, compassion. Being a woman means being fierce and proud of yourself. The day means being strong for sure.

Speaking about Women’s Day, in what way are you planning to celebrate the day? Will it be ‘yet-another–day’ for you or are you planning to do something special?
This year, celebrating Women's Day is not really going to be big for me, because I am extremely busy at the moment. But it is especially important for me this year because, the women of my country Iran have been fighting so hard, they have started their first ever women-led revolution in the world, and we are witnessing how strong they are fighting. Right now, as we speak, it’s been weeks and even today, many women and young girls have been poisoned in school. Their mothers are fighting on the road, for their pride and their basic human rights. This ‘Woman's Day’ is important because of the women who are more than ever fighting every day for their basic rights.

Do you think that the very essence of Women’s Day has somewhat got lost in transit?
I don't know if the essence of woman's day has got lost in transit, but I can see women are getting stronger every day. Hence, ‘Women's Day’ is even more becoming a day when we can speak about all of these things and their achievements and say, ‘Happy Women's Day’.

Do you think that Women’s Day, of late, has become way too commercialized
I would rather say that Valentine’s Day has become commercialized. Women’s day is not commercialized as it’s important to express our feelings to the women in our lives.

Have you ever faced any barriers in your career due to being a woman?
Yes, I did.

How did you overcome it / them?
I worked really hard to achieve wherever I am. To cite an example, let me tell you, recently, someone asked me if it wasn’t that easier for me to get this because I am a woman? And I was like no…it's not because I am a woman and I am getting this easy. It’s just that I have worked very hard to reach up here. Let me tell you that we should not look upon other women.

There must have been lots of people who must have ‘taken time out’ of their lives to give advice to you. Amongst all of the advice/s, what is the most important piece of advice that really stands out?
A lot of people in my life have given me advice. While some were great, few of them were unnecessary advice.

Most important question: Have you followed that advice?
Not really. If I would have listened to them all, it wouldn't have worked for me. (laughs)

What, in your opinion, can we do to encourage more women to pursue their dreams?
We can just show them how many women who have pursued their dreams and where they have reached. One should never give up on what they want. Things don't happen overnight. It takes time. Stand up for yourself and believe in whatever you want to do, no matter who tells you what.

Amidst the galaxy of people in the world, is there anyone who has inspired you in your career?
Many people have inspired me in my career and in my life. People like Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears…to name a few.

Given a chance to have lunch/ dinner with an inspirational woman (dead or alive), who would she be?
I would say (late) Lady Diana.

What’s your message to everyone on the occasion of ‘Women’s Day’?
I would really like to tell everyone to learn to respect each other. One should learn to respect women, who are always treated as a weaker one. But, trust me that not at all what women are. They are totally at par with any man. That’s why, on this ‘Women’s Day’, I would like to wish for nothing but ‘equality’ between men and women.