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Indian Matchmaking creator on the awkward, cringey, frustrating parts of the show

The show’s creator, Smriti Mundhra, also opened up about how she crossed paths with Sima Taparia.

Indian Matchmaking creator on the awkward, cringey, frustrating parts of the show

Last Updated: 09.28 AM, Aug 25, 2022


Indian Matchmaking returned for another season lately, with Sima Taparia in top form as the expert matchmaker striving to find her clients their perfect partners. The show’s creator and executive producer Smriti Mundhra recently opened up about the immense popularity of the series, despite its more ‘cringey’ aspects.

In conversation with Variety, Smriti admitted how some parts of the show can come across as being ‘cringey’. But then again a lot of the things people do, say and have internalised over several generations could be called ‘cringey’ as well. The filmmaker said that many people might find it difficult to face these truths and have it reflected back at them through the show.

Personally, Smriti said she found the show extremely entertaining. “You have characters and they are on a train that feels relatable, that feels cringey at times, that feels awkward at times, satisfying at times, frustrating at times. It’s just you have to keep watching”, she said.

The filmmaker said that the show gave her an opportunity to talk about these ‘cringey’ things, which has garnered a huge audience among people of different generations. Seeing the characters talk about the truths people found difficult to face made it engaging for audiences is what Smriti felt.

Smriti also spoke of how she crossed paths with Sima. The filmmaker had met the matchmaker years ago, but had not been ready for marriage at the time. Smriti said that Sima had grown and evolved a lot since they had met, calling the latter a product of her circumstances and generation. The filmmaker also said Sima was a smart businesswoman.

The first two seasons of Indian Matchmaking are available for streaming on Netflix. Smriti had also directed two episodes in the new season of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever. Interestingly, one of the episodes she directed also featured a joke about Indian Matchmaking.

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