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Is Prabhas getting married anytime soon? Ram Charan spills the beans over a call with Balakrishna

Balakrishna and Prabhas connected with Ram Charan over a call in the latest episode of Unstoppable with NBK

Is Prabhas getting married anytime soon? Ram Charan spills the beans over a call with Balakrishna
Unstoppable with Prabhas, Ram Charan
  • Srivathsan NadadhurTeam OTTplay

Last Updated: 10.29 AM, Dec 30, 2022

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The much-awaited episode on Balakrishna's chat show, Unstoppable with NBK, is finally streaming on aha. Yes, we're indeed talking about the star's latest conversation with Baahubali actor Prabhas. The latter, who rarely makes time for public appearances beyond his film promotions, made an exception for this show. Such was the anticipation around the episode that the streaming platform app had crashed yesterday, when it released, owing to user overload. 

Any discussion on Prabhas on social media isn't complete without the curiosity around his marriage. So, it wasn't surprising that Balakrishna broached that topic in the show. However, when Prabhas was being too coy to give him a concrete answer, Balakrishna made a phone call to the star's good friend and RRR actor Ram Charan to find it out himself. Here's what Ram Charan said to Balakrishna in the call. 

"Is there a woman in Prabhas' life?" asked Balakrishna, to which Ram Charan initially responded, "He's too occupied with his bunch of male friends to have a girlfriend." The veteran wasn't happy with the diplomatic answer but Prabhas looked relieved. "I think you and Prabhas are maintaining a pact about not sharing each other's secrets in your episode. Prabhas will do the same when you appear on the show. You need to spill the beans," Balakrishna told.

Prabhas said that he and Ram Charan follow the bro-code. In an interesting twist, "When someone is asking you so much, you better tell it Prabhas," Ram Charan teased the star with a response. "He'll come up with a good news soon," he added. Prabhas was surprised by Ram Charan's U-turn and the verbal banter made for a good watch for fans of all the stars. Ram Charan promised to make an appearance on Unstoppable with NBK and Balakrishna cheekily asked him to watch Veera Simha Reddy before his father Chiranjeevi's Waltair Veerayya for Sankranti 2023.