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Jeevan Reddy: Chor Bazaar is a fun-ride revolving around a misplaced diamond, Akash Puri has done full justice to it

The core idea of the action-comedy was born out of the filmmaker’s frequent visits to the Chor Bazaar area in Hyderabad

  • Srivathsan Nadadhur

Last Updated: 11.21 AM, Jun 20, 2022

Jeevan Reddy: Chor Bazaar is a fun-ride revolving around a misplaced diamond, Akash Puri has done full justice to it
Jeevan Reddy

Jeevan Reddy, who shot to fame with Dalam and George Reddy in the past, is returning with an action-comedy this time, Chor Bazaar, headlined by Akash Puri and Gehna Sippy. VS Raju is bankrolling the film that hits theatres on June 24. Ahead of its release, the filmmaker, in a media interaction, shared about the experiences that inspired him to make Chor Bazaar.

“Unlike my previous films, this is a full-on entertainer without any bloodshed. I readied this story much before George Reddy and the film has impressive visual aesthetics; every frame is indeed colourful. Despite shooting for over 35 nights, our cinematographer Jagadeesh Cheekati did everything to give it a vibrant, bright exterior,” Jeevan Reddy said.

The filmmaker was attracted by the people in and around Chor Bazaar, Hyderabad during his frequent visits. “They don’t steal but make money out of devices, gadgets and articles we may have discarded. These are people who have no identity in society at all; they don’t even have Aadhaar cards or voting rights. We have addressed many such issues in the story too,” he added.

People in Chor Bazaar reportedly do their business during the night and sleep during daylight and are known to be big-time film buffs. “That’s the reason we named our lead character Bachchan Saab. He is an influencer who is hellbent on breaking records every time he uploads a video. The characters in the film are extremely close to reality.”

The female lead in the film is dumb but she dubsmash-es iconic film dialogues and online videos to communicate. “Though Chor Bazaar is essentially a love story, it revolves around a diamond worth Rs 100 crore. Not many in the area know the worth of the diamond and sell it for paltry prices among one other. The drama around the diamond makes this a fun ride,” he shared.

Akash Puri has done full justice to his role and was a disciplined, committed actor on sets, Jeevan Reddy stated. “When I went to narrate the story to his father, director Puri Jagannadh, he already knew both the films that I directed and asked me to make the film without any comprises, even without listening to the script. He had great faith in me.”