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Jogi: Diljit Dosanjh calls the 1984 anti-Sikh riots 'genocide'

The film premiered on Netflix on Friday.

Jogi: Diljit Dosanjh calls the 1984 anti-Sikh riots 'genocide'
Diljit Dosanjh in a still from Jogi
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Last Updated: 02.54 AM, Sep 18, 2022


Diljit Dosanjh was born in 1984, the year that thousands of Sikhs were slain after the bodyguards of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi shot and killed her. The actor described it as a "genocide," adding that he had grown up hearing tales of misery. Diljit was born in January 1984 in the Punjabi village of Dosanjh Kalan in the Phillaur tehsil of the Jalandhar district.

His most recent film, Jogi, recounts the anti-Sikh riots that broke out in Delhi in the months following Indira Gandhi's murder there in June 1984. Diljit discussed the incident with IANS from Canada and called it "genocide". Since he was born in 1984, the actor grew up hearing all of these tales. He found it hard to believe. But Diljit only realised how deeply this occurred when they grew older and began to read and watch stories. Therefore, the sum of all those tales constitutes the film.

The 38-year-old artist, who started his singing career while still in school by singing Kirtan at nearby gurdwaras, explains why the tale of Jogi will be relatable to everyone. The narrative is true, and they didn't just make it up, after all. It is not a made-up tale, and Diljit called it a true incident. Since he was born in 1984, those who have seen or heard about it can connect, and the younger generation will be aware of what transpired.

Additionally, Jogi discusses the touching story of the friendship between the characters played by Diljit, Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub, and Hiten Tejwani.

When asked what friendship truly means to Diljit, the actor said that three friends are the subject of the story, which is based on the events of 1984. Friend-wise, he doesn't have many, and he doesn't have a lot of pals. And the friends he has are still around; the ones he made in school continue to collaborate with him.

Jogi is currently streaming on Netflix.