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Kabzaa Teaser: R. Chandru's magnum opus to release in December? Here's what Upendra says...

In his recent media outing, Upendra spoke of the deliberate delay in releasing the teaser and the comparisons to KGF

Kabzaa Teaser: R. Chandru's magnum opus to release in December? Here's what Upendra says...
Upendra in 'Kabzaa' poster
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Last Updated: 02.17 PM, Sep 18, 2022


The first video teaser of Kabzaa has become a major talking point among netizens for multiple interesting reasons. Aside from the ongoing buzz that the first glimpse of the film carries the echoes of the world of Prashanth Neel's K.G.F, many social media users have expressed joy and pride in the fact that Kabzaa will be the next big thing coming from Sandalwood which is sure to take the entire world by a storm. In this vein, the focus has now slowly shifted to the eventual theatrical release of Kabzaa and much to the delight of all fans, Real Star Upendra has an exciting update.

Speaking to the media about the teaser and the long wait that fans have had to endure for it, Upendra shared that the 'delay' in releasing the teaser was purely by design.

"I had maintained right from the beginning that the teaser must be released closer to the theatrical release of the film because fans will realise the true power of the film only then. That's the reason the makers held on to the teaser until now and the film is only a couple of months away from hitting the big screens - Kabzaa will most likely release in December," said Upendra.

And in spite of the 'K.G.F vs Kabzaa' comparison gaining traction on social media, Upendra seems unfazed by it all and is even glad that his film is being compared with the cult hit such as K.G.F: Chapter 2. 

"You have seen the quality of our work in the teaser and although many have compared the look and feel to KGF, I feel really happy and proud that we are making another film like KGF in Kannada cinema. The comparisons can't be avoided but one will realise how different the two films are from one another once Kabzaa releases in cinema halls. Sure, the making and the whole grandeur of the world of Kabzaa resembles that of KGF but that's about it - the two films are based on completely different subjects," added Upendra.

Upendra celebrates his 54th birthday on September 18 and the makers of UI, his upcoming directorial venture, have released a special video to wish him on his special day. Upendra returns to direction after a long gap and fans are super keen to watch his maverick unfold on the big screen.

As far as Kabzaa is concerned, director R. Chandru had previously stated that the film will be released in two instalments and that the first one will see a 2022 release. He added that the subject matter and the vast scale of Kabzaa demand two parts.