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Karan Johar ‘succumbs to the magic’ of Jubilee; praises Sidhant Gupta’s performance, calls him ‘essence, heartbeat and soul’

The filmmaker believes that Gupta is an actor who is here to stay and conquer. After reading his post, Sidhant expressed gratitude to Karan.

Karan Johar ‘succumbs to the magic’ of Jubilee; praises Sidhant Gupta’s performance, calls him ‘essence, heartbeat and soul’
Karan Johar reviews Jubilee
  • Reema Chhabda

Last Updated: 11.36 AM, Apr 17, 2023

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Jubilee, directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, has received positive reviews from both critics and audiences. In addition, Bollywood stars have praised the online series, which illuminates the Golden Age of Hindi film. Recently, Karan Johar gave Jubilee a review and wrote a letter of thanks to the entire series' crew.

KJo specifically had kind words to share with Sidhant Gupta, the actor from Jubilee. The director thinks that Gupta is an actor who is going to stay and rule. Sidhant read his post and thanked Karan for sharing it.

Sharing a poster of Jubilee on his Instagram, Karan wrote, "A slow burning, immersive, referential tale about the post independence origin and advancement of Hindi cinemaâ€æ. This set piece of brilliant set pieces and performances is exquisite and twisted in equal measureâ€æ grey rules the character graphs and the unsaid is so much more powerful than the expressed dialogueâ€æ. @motwayne is an auteur â€æ he sets up the studio world of the 40s and 50s with such clever finesseâ€æ. It took a beat to plunge into his world and when I did â€æ I succumbed to his magic and his technical crew of magicians (sic)."

The filmmaker further praised Sidhant Gupta and penned, "BUT it is in @sidhant that you find the essence, heartbeat and the soul of #jubilee. His act that oscillates between studied awkwardness and heart wrenching intensity is the piece de resistance of this spectacular show! An ACTOR is here to stay and conquer!!!!! Congratulations Vik!!! And and my love and kudos to the entire team of the show (sic)."

Sidhant Gupta's Instagram story
Sidhant Gupta's Instagram story

And when Sidhant noticed KJo's post, the actor was left speechless. Expressing gratitude to Johar, the actor said, "Your words have an emotional value for me. Whatever little I've known you, you always gave away gratitude that you lead with and preserve and I feel it in abundance as I write this. Thank you for being a voice that made me believe in a better world ever since I was a kid who saw Kuch Kuch Hota Hai."

Jubilee started premiering on Prime Video from April 7, 2023.