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KGF’s Archana Jois gets a direct-to-OTT release with the thriller Mute

Directed by Prashant Chandra, the film will soon begin streaming on NammaFlix

KGF’s Archana Jois gets a direct-to-OTT release with the thriller Mute
Archana Jois
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Last Updated: 07.49 AM, Sep 09, 2022


Archana Jois, who rose to fame playing Rocking Star Yash’s mother in the KGF saga, is ready with her next. Last year, the actress was revealed to be a part of a thriller directed by Prashant Chandra, who assisted Shashank Taalya on Mungaru Male 2, and produced by G Gangadhar, who had served as executive producer on films like Moggina Manasu and Mungaru Male.

At the time, the film was announced as a possible theatrical release with a proposed pan-India outing, given that Archana became a household name with KGF and the presence of Tamil and Telugu actor Aadukalam Naren. However, the latest we hear is that Mute is getting a direct-to-OTT release. Kannada content platform NammaFlix today announced that Mute will start streaming on September 15.

In earlier conversations with the media, director Prashant had said that the team had been tight-lipped about the film because it is a thriller. “The storyline of this movie is very unique. As it is a thriller, the audience will be surprised by a lot of twists and turns in the plot. We have taken utmost care and paid a lot of attention to detail while shooting each of the scenes. That is why we took care not to publicise much about the movie while the shooting was underway,” he had told the New Indian Express.

Direct-to-OTT releases are still a rareity in Kannada cinema. This year, so far, there’ve been films like One Cut Two Cut, Family Pack, Man of the Match, Dear Vikram and Indira, among a few others, that came directly to OTT, with close to 120 others going the theatrical route, however short, and then coming to a streaming platform.

Produced by EK Pictures, Mute stars Archana Jois, Aadukalam Naren, Sidhartha Madhyamika, Venumadhav and Tejas, among others. NammaFlix’s first direct-to-OTT movie was last year’s Priyanka Upendra starrer 1980.