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Lock Upp day 60 written update: Anjali Arora's mother asks Munawar Faruqui to consider her like his mother

Anjali Arora's mother also asked her to maintain distance from Munawar Faruqui

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.51 PM, Apr 27, 2022

Lock Upp day 60 written update: Anjali Arora's mother asks Munawar Faruqui to consider her like his mother
Lock Upp - Munawar Faruqui.

Day 60 in Lock Upp commences with Azma Fallah's mischief once again. Many kaidis notice her on the way but ignore her. Azma has destroyed Anjali Arora's makeup. She then does yoga with Payal Rohatgi. On seeing the bucket, Shivam Sharma gets stressed and adds to the mischief.

Team Munawar goes and checks the make-up. Anjali can't stop laughing as Munawar calls the move 'badass'. Poonam Pandey then ruins her own makeup after listening to Munawar Faruqui. Azma feels she is going to be targetted.

Munawar finally reveals that he is using the three girls - Saisha Shinde, Poonam and Anjali - for his benefit. The trio also question why they need Munawar among themselves.

Seeing the situation, Azma pokes Munawar further saying he is sitting next to her for footage. She also uses Payal's words - that Munawar tries to gain sympathy these days.

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Prince Narula says a rap that is impressive and on point. Later, Saisha talks to Payal about what Azma did with Anjali's makeup. Azma calls Saisha 'amma' and asks people to control her. Munawar tells Prince that Saisha is such that she asks people not to pay heed to Team Payal but goes and fights with them first.

The kaidis get to see a teddy bear on screen, which belongs to Anjali. She then sees her mother and starts crying. Prince, Saisha and Poonam console her. Anjali's mother has to pick a kaidi to be locked in. She names Payal. As her mother walks in, Anjali gives her a hug and cries inconsolably. She then gives Prince a teddy hug. Anjali talks to her mother and when she names Payal, she walks up to Anjali's mom and explains that it is a game and everything was a reaction to something. Payal questions how Anjali's mother also doesn't understand how rude she is and says locking her in is Anjali's mother's gameplan. When Anjali gets to know how Payal has ruined everything precious to her, she asks the guard G7 to give her the stick at the end of the day since there will be violence in the jail. She laughs immediately after saying that. Munawar apologizes to Anjali's mother for asking Anjali to wash his clothes. As Munawar accuses Payal of instigating Azma to break Anjali's perfume, she accuses him of instigating Zeeshan Khan to fight with Azma. As Anjali's mother thanks Poonam for being loyal to Anjali most of the times, Munawar gives Anjali a hug and says her mother is 'full badass'. Payal and Saisha start arguing in front of Anjali's mother and Anjali stops them. Meanwhile, Anjali's mom asks Anjali to maintain distance from Munawar. She says Anjali's votes are going to Munawar because of the friendship.

Meanwhile, Payal tells Azma that they are villains. Azma laughs as Anjali's mother says that nobody is better than Anjali in the jail.

Azma gets her makeup and other household items. She realizes that her mother could be on the show. Soon enough, her guess comes true and Azma ends up crying. Azma's mother names Anjali to be locked in for Zeeshan incident. She attacks Poonam, who said her aunty would die. Unfortunately, Azma's aunt actually died of cancer and Azma had paid for the treatment. Azma's mother spills a secret - that his own team is targetting him. Hearing that, Saisha and Poonam lose it. Azma's mother questions why Munawar was quiet when Azma was crying, when she considered him close. She praises Azma, Payal and Shivam's friendship and says that everyone else is 'bin pende ke lote'. Anjali's mother judges Azma's mother and we see a rivalry among the parents too which is too much fun to watch. Seeing how Azma's mother is on-the-face like her, Azma demands that her mother should also be on Lock Upp. Meanwhile, Anjali's mother asks her to focus on her own game rather than getting involved with Azma. While Azma's mother claims that Munawar was going to be the target, Saisha tells Prince that she asked the others to forget about it.

Prince explains to Poonam that families never stay upset with their children. Soon, Munawar does Boom Baam rap and comes and gives her a hug. Poonam feels her family won't come and the two say they are her family. Meanwhile, Saisha requests that the makers send Chirag in the jail.

Anjali and her mother absolutely diss Azma's mother. She also calls out Anjali for saying f**k constantly and questions if she said that on being born instead of crying. Anjali's mother then tells Munawar that she is his mother too.

Shivam gets his gift - his pillow. He feels his sister is here. Actually, his father is in the jail. Shivam's father picks Anjali to be locked up too. Shivam is first excited and then emotional as he realizes his father is actually in the jail and giving him the hug he missed. Shivam then reveals his chacha is Poonam's fan. Prince and Shivam's father also bond instantly because of the latter's crazy energy, just like Shivam.

Saisha gets an opportunity next. She breaks down on seeing her present only. As she wished for, Chirag is here. He picks Poonam to be locked in. Chirag asks Azma not to cross the line and when she says she will improve on that, Azma's mother stops her saying she is perfect the way she is. Azma says that she has requested makers to let Zeeshan come back to the show if he wants to. As expected, Azma's mother is shocked and strongly disapproves that. Payal also stops her and asks Azma to think before she talks.

Munawar's friend Sadaqat is in the jail. He names Anjali to be locked in. Munawar and Sadaqat share a hug and the latter cries. Sadaqat says that Munawar hasn't even explored his full potential yet. The comedian gets a gift that makes him very emotional. He appears to have got a gift from his son.

Prince gets a letter from his family. His wife Yuvika Chaudhary isn't here but Prince's nephew Rishabh is here. He picks Payal to be locked in. Rishabh tells Prince that Yuvika is caught up somewhere and she is in a sad state. He also conveys that Yuvika wants to have dinner with Azma and Prince together. Rishabh states that Shivam goes very personal behind Prince's back. Prince gets a portrait of him and Yuvika as a gift.

Poonam's sister sends a message for her. She names Anjali to be locked in. Poonam gets upset since nobody can come for her. Soon, Poonam sees her mother too. All the kaidis tell her that Poonam thanks her mother everytime after a task.

Sangram Singh is here. Payal's mother sends a message and it makes her confused. Payal gets emotional and just then, she sees Sangram on TV and in real. He names Munawar to be locked in. Payal can't stop jumping knowing Sangram hasn't disowned her yet. Payal gets out of the barrack to give Sangram a hug. He says Payal is playing the best in the jail and then jokes that he has cut 25% from everyone's salary since they keep naming him on the show. Sangram gives Payal a rose. Prince gives Sangram a salute when the wrestler says that Payal talks the same way on Lock Upp as she does in real life. Sangram says that there isn't a more loyal and better girl than Payal for him. Sangram proposes marriage to Payal. He says that he doesn't want to leave such a dhakkad, independent and strong girl like Payal and wants to lock in with her for their whole life. Sangram then jokes that he missed Payal and got to know about it when he understood why he doesn't have a headache. When Payal asks Sangram to marry her, he says they don't have to be MunJali. Poonam's mother removes her nazar even in the jail, while Payal gives Sangram a hug.

The second kaidi to be locked in the chargesheet is Anjali. Shivam's father says she will get out of the jail this week.

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Munawar talks to Anjali about how her mother felt. She says everything is fine and then Munawar says that Sadaqat also asked him to beware. When Anjali reveals that she discusses things with Saisha and Poonam, Munawar instantly judges them and asks where is the individual game. He then tells the cameras that the two contestants who are trying to act smart, will be evicted soon thanks to him.

Anjali talks to Payal about her saying MunJali are a couple. Anjali doesn't realize that she has proposed to Munawar. Soon, as Munawar and Prince get emotional, Saisha says boys are like coconut - hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Munawar then says that since he has received the most special gift at such a rare moment, he is scared of losing it.