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Lock Upp Exclusive! Kaaranvir Bohra: Zeeshan Khan maligned his girlfriend’s image by bringing up her topic again-and-again

Kaaranvir Bohra spoke to OTTplay about Zeeshan Khan-Azma Fallah incident and his viewpoint on that.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 03.01 PM, Apr 29, 2022

Lock Upp Exclusive! Kaaranvir Bohra: Zeeshan Khan maligned his girlfriend’s image by bringing up her topic again-and-again
Lock Upp - Zeeshan Khan, Kaaranvir Bohra.

Lock Upp’s second sudden eviction happened in the form of Zeeshan Khan. That happened since Zeeshan got violent with Azma Fallah. He got aggressive after she dragged his girlfriend Reyhna Pandit’s name in their argument.

When we spoke to Kaaranvir Bohra, he said that ‘the Zeeshan character’ maligned his girlfriend’s image by bringing up her topic again-and-again. “I'm glad I was standing with Azma. She said wrong things but Zeeshan did too. In fact, he maligned his girlfriend's image by bringing it again-and-again,” KV (Kaaranvir) said.

KV explains the situation from what he saw. He regrets not beating up Zeeshan and shares, “Azma said those things during a fight, which is why it became very big. It sounded very bad. She said his girlfriend does sifarish but he also said that her parents haven't given birth to a (I won't say the word). Where do they draw the line? When their abuses ended, they came to destruction. After she threw his protein, he retorted to physical violence. When does it stop? This is the time I feel that the people sitting and watching, shame on them. I feel that why didn't I trash and hit him when he did that? ”

When we told him that Azma poked Zeeshan continuously too, KV replied, “Being a girl, if you happen to poke someone and then a guy comes and hits you, is it okay? You can luckily ignore these things in the outside world but not in the jail. One could scream.”

He then recalled his incident with Poonam Pandey and shared, “Poonam gave me such bad abuses but I didn't hit her back. I screamed and shouted at her. I was verbally aggressive with her but I didn't abuse her. She pushed me. I didn't push her back. I would not do that. There's a certain line we have to draw.”

KV came across a clip of Zeeshan that disturbed him. He shared, “I saw a clip where Zeeshan went to the restaurant with his girlfriend. A paparazzo tells Zeeshan that what happened with him was wrong. In response, Zeeshan says, "Haan, yeh hui na baat." That means he still doesn't have repent! If I was in his shoes, I would've at least said that what I did was wrong and I shouldn't have done it. If the paparazzi are doing such a thing, what will the people think? I feel bad just thinking about that.”

The actor even called out Prince Narula and said, “When a seasoned player like Prince, who has earned respect and has many fans, if he sits and watches everything Zeeshan is doing, his fans will think that it is okay to sit and watch if their friend is slapping a girl. What kind of example are we setting yaar?”

KV hopes to set an example. Explaining so, he says, “I'm very glad that the makers threw him out because it shows that the show doesn't promote violence but it's people like you and me who have to voice our opinions out and say it is not okay to hit a girl, no matter how much she provokes. Let her provoke, be disgusting or go below-the-belt. You don't have to lose your cool.”