Marvel–Game of Thrones crossover: 8 Friendships we need but don't deserve
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Marvel–Game of Thrones crossover: 8 Friendships we need but don't deserve

Catch a glimpse of your favourite characters from the popular shows becoming friends in an alternate timeline.

Raktim Das
Jul 31, 2021
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A crossover like no other

One of them is the biggest franchise in the world, while the other has been immortalized in the history of pop culture. Yeah, you guessed it right. We are talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Game of Thrones. While each of them has innumerable iconic friendships worth remembering, have you ever wondered who would be best of friends, if these two universes have a crossover. Worry not!

Here’s a list of some of the probable friendships that we would most likely witness if Kevin Feige and David Benioff, decide to merge their shows someday:


Jon Snow and Steve Rogers

The moral compass of their groups, Jon Snow and Steve Rogers are the heart and soul of their respective storylines. Brave, selfless and loyal to the core – the King in the North and Captain America always stand up for what is right. However, it is not only their qualities that unite them. Feeling out of place, and losing their lovers tragically, are a few other similarities they share. Thus, this friendship duo is bound to melt your heart.


Arya Stark and Natasha Romanoff

The doom of Night King, Arya Stark and the assassin supreme - Black widow, are quite similar to each other. Love for their families defines them, as they both go to great extents to protect and avenge their close ones. While Arya slays the entire Frey male line responsible for the Red Wedding, Natasha sacrifices her own life in exchange for the Soul Stone to bring back her Avenger family. Loyalist, good-natured and warrior extraordinaire, they break so-called norms at every step of the way and would be a friendship like no other.


Daenerys Targaryen and Peggy Carter

A woman standing alone in a man’s world – the journeys of the two highly adored characters are not so different. While Daenerys is sold to Khal Drogo but rises from the ashes (quite literally) to become the Mother of Dragons, Peggy Carter is the founding mother of SHIELD. They trample every stone of patriarchy and class divides, to ensure a better world for generations to come, with Daenerys freeing the slaves and Peggy building an organization that would cut off every head of Hydra whenever it arose. They also face the pain of unrequited love, due to the untimely demise of Khal Drogo and Steve Rogers (supposed). Never shying away from demanding what is theirs, these two would give us some major BFF goals.


Theon Greyjoy and Loki

Sharing identical character arcs, Theon goes on from a back-stabber to a protector, saving Sansa from Ramsey’s atrocities and dies to safeguard Bran Stark from the Night King. On the other hand, the God of Mischief risks his own life, in the end, to save the universe from the wrath of Thanos. Initially lustful for power, both of them reform themselves and die protecting those whom they love the most. They would have been best of friends, both in their highs and lows, and such a partnership is not very unexpected to the viewers.


Tyrion Lannister and Tony Stark

Pompous fellows with genius minds, dripping sarcasm – sound familiar? Tyrion and Iron Man are like two peas in a pod. Putting up a false exterior making it seem that they don’t care and are beyond the reach of human emotions, in reality, they have the purest souls, who would do anything to right the wrongs. Majorly misunderstood, they are softies inside, but hugely showy on the outside. Both of them are a product of legacy and are deemed to be shadowy compared to their great fathers, only fueling their hunger to prove themselves, as they grow to be saviours of humanity, once from Thanos and once from Daenerys’ rage.


Brienne of Tarth, Okoye and Ser Jorah Mormont

Three words are enough to describe these characters – Loyalty, Duty and Faith. Brienne of Tarth swears her allegiance to the Starks and fulfils her duty, no matter what. Okoye is the Commander-in-Chief of Wakanda, who would do anything to protect T’Challa from harm, and the same goes for Ser Mormont, who dies to save the Mother of Dragons. The thread of service connects them, and thus, imagining them as a fire-spitting power squad is not difficult at all.


Varys and Nick Fury

Master of Whisperers and the head of SHIELD? Seems like an unlikely combination, isn’t it? But, when observed closely they both have a lot in common when it comes to bureaucracy and complicated personalities. Always loyal to the throne, Varys wants the best for the dynasty, back-stabbing every ruler, when they proceed on the path of tyranny, showing his noble intentions for the subjects. On the other hand, Nick Fury is also not one to play by the rules. He prevents every major mishap and often takes controversial decisions that are best for SHIELD. Both of them know everything that has happened, is happening or is about to happen, making them scary for opponents. Thus, this duo would be a formidable pair, one should avoid crossing paths with.


Hound and Hulk

Wronged by society, and experimented upon – Sandor Clegane and Hulk (not Bruce Banner) are only considered as human weapons to be used for destruction. Rarely are they given the respect of human beings, turning them into monsters for battles. They don’t believe that there is any hope left for humanity, crushing everything that comes in their path. Such a friendship would be extremely toxic but highly plausible.

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