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Money Heist to Roma: Top 10 Spanish dramas and films to add to your binge list

Here’s a list of some of the most entertaining Spanish dramas you can watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

Adelle Fernandes
Jul 12, 2021
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With international shows and films being available to viewers in the comfort of their homes, it is now quite easy to watch content from across the globe. Spanish content, in particular, has been gaining a lot of love and attention from the audience. Right from titles about drug cartels to romance and teenagers, Spanish shows and films have it all. Here’s a list of some of the best Spanish dramas that will be sure to keep you entertained and excited.

  1. Sky Rojo

This exciting show revolves around Coral, Wendy and Gina, three young women on the run from a strip club after almost murdering their boss. The show is an intense one, with each episode ending in a cliff-hanger, making it a must-watch. Another aspect that makes the show stand out is that it is yet another superb creation by the creator of Money Heist.

2. Who killed Sara?

This mystery drama is based on Alex, who has been framed for his sister’s murder. He takes it upon himself to solve the case and let justice prevail. The show is guaranteed to leave you at the edge of your seat at all times.

3. Valeria

Valeria is a comedy-drama and will be the perfect match for you if you love shows like Sex and the City. The show is all about Valeria, who aspires to be a novelist. However, her life is derailed when she finds herself in an unexpected and confusing love triangle. However, her three best friends are always by her side to help her through thick and thin.

4. Toy Boy

This famous series is all about Hugo, a stripper by profession, who spends seven years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. When he is set free, he becomes committed to finding proof that he was framed by his lover. The show is indeed an addictive one and is perfect to binge on.

5. Money Heist

A man who goes by the name ‘The Professor’ takes a group of young criminals under his wing to pull off one of the greatest bank heists. It is marvellous how gripping the show is although it is filmed in one location for the majority of the time, the Royal Mint of Spain. If you’ve watched Elite, gear up to watch some of your favourites on the show.

6. Elite

This teen drama is bound to keep you hooked to your screen. In the show, we witness a group of teens who gain a scholarship to an exclusive private school. The series revolves around how they adjust, form bonds and make enemies along the way. Apart from being a drama, it is also a gripping murder-mystery suspense series.

7. Cable Girls

Cable Girls is set in the 1920s and revolves around four young women who start out their careers as telephone operators at one of the first telecommunication companies to ever exist. Being some of the first few women to step into the working world, they must all fight their own battles for independence.

8. Narcos

Narcos is based on the drug lord, Pablo Escobar and the show is one of the best crime dramas to ever exist. What makes the series so gripping is that it includes real-life stories about Escobar and his rise to the top. As officials try their hardest to curb the sale and use of cocaine, the show becomes more interesting and will be sure to have you at the edge of your seat.

9. El Presidente

This Chilean drama is all about the 2015 FIFA corruption case. When Sergio Jadue finds himself as the head of the Chilean Soccer Association, he becomes drunk with power. He becomes the FBI’s key to one of the largest corruption schemes in the soccer world. If you’re a football fan and love drama series, this is just the right match for you.

10. Roma

This film is set in the 1970s and follows a live-in housekeeper of a middle-class family. The family consists of Antonio and Sofia and their four children. However, things begin to go downhill when Antonio flees with his mistress. The film has a number of unexpected twists and turns and makes viewers keep guessing what will happen next.

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