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Naagin 6 May 7 2022 written update: Pratha tries to find answers; Seema makes a shocking revelation to Rishabh

Pratha and Mahek’s search for answers lead them back to the nagmahal.

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 05.33 PM, May 07, 2022

Naagin 6 May 7 2022 written update: Pratha tries to find answers; Seema makes a shocking revelation to Rishabh

Seema starts to see visions of the woman, Chandha, she imprisoned. In a daze she accidentally knocks over a candle and the room she is in catches fire. Rishabh arrives and becomes trapped, only to be rescued by the imprisoned woman, who has gotten out, to Seema’s shock.

Rishabh asks who the woman is, saying he feels like he has seen her before. Pratha then says that this was Seema’s surprise and tells Rishabh that the woman is his mother, and pauses as everyone is left shocked. Pratha then adds that the woman is his mother’s childhood friend, who went insane after losing her child. Rishabh says that the woman can stay as long as she likes with them. Pratha asks Seema how she liked the surprise, and warns that Seema’s secret will come out.

As Seema goes to see the woman in a room, she is stopped by Pratha’s snakes, who coil around her. When Rishabh arrives, Pratha calls off the snakes. When Rishabh asks what they are all doing outside Chandha’s room, Pratha lies and says that Seema wants to rub Chandha’s feet. After being forced to rub the woman’s feet, Seema excuses herself and Rishabh takes over. Chandha all the while talks about wanting to see her son.

As Seema is leaving, Pratha sarcastically talks about how much she loves her mother in law, and the two hug. Pratha warns that if Seema tries to kill Chandha, Rishabh will stay in the room with her. Pratha says that if Seema tried to kill Rishabh, Pratha will take matters into her own hands.

Pratha puts the staff to sleep and Seema is forced to do the housework, and the former taunts her. As Seema leaves in a huff, Mahek arrives and asks Pratha that if Chandha is indeed Rishabh’s mother, then why Dadi did not react to seeing her. Pratha says that Dadi had indeed reacted, and Mahek questions if Dadi and Lalit are involved in putting Chandha away.

Pratha spots Dadi going to see Chandha, and the former confronts Dadi. Dadi says that there is a big secret involved in the whole situation, and hastily leaves. The next morning, Rishabh informs Pratha that Dadi has left on a pilgrimage. Pratha wonders how she will find out the secret now that Seema has sent Dadi away. Just then she spots Dadi’s ring on her dresser, and sees the word ‘nagmahal’ written on her mirror. Trying to get to the bottom of Dadi’s cryptic message, Pratha and Mahek head to nagmahal.

One there, Pratha shows Mahek the ring, and the latter recalls seeing it somewhere. She turns to their grandmother’s huge portrait behind them, and realise that it is the same ring that their grandmother is wearing in the picture. As they wonder about the connection between their nani and Rishabh’s dadi, Mahek says that the answers they are looking for will be found in their nagmahal.

Pratha spots a space below the portrait, and places the ring there. The portrait suddenly cracks and parts, to lead into a passage. The sisters investigate and come across a shiv idol and a doorway, guarded by a snake. Pratha requests the snake to let them through, but the snake becomes aggressive. Pratha prays to Shiv Ji and starts to dance in front of the idol, and her nagmani gleams. The doorway opens and Pratha rushes in as it starts to close.

The doorway opens to a place filled with rats and scorpions, one of which stings Pratha. She finds a huge chest and opens it to see that it contains several books, maps and photographs. She sees photos of asurs, and sees Seema’s face with a cross drawn over it. Mahek calls out to Pratha, asking her to come quickly as the doors are closing, and Pratha makes it just in time. They decide to rush home in case Seema tries to hurt Rishabh and Chadha.

Back at home, Lalit arrives and tries to see Chadha, only to spot Seema having Rishabh in a dangerous situation. As Seema tries to hurt an unconscious Rishabh, Lalit begs her to stop. Rishabh awakens just then and as he asks Seema whats going on, the latter reveals that she is not his mother. Seema reveals everything, how she tried to hurt Rishabh and how Chandha is his real mother. Seema says that the only reason Rishabh is alive today is because Lalit begged Seema to spare his son’s life. Seema also talks about how she had kept Chandha alive so as to learn about the big secret Dadi is keeping. Seema gets angry with Lalit for having spoilt their deal, and Lalit says that he did not know about what Dadi did.

Seema drops the chandelier she had been keeping over Rishabh. As Lalit mourns his son, he yells that he does not know the whereabouts of the kalash. Just then Pratha and Mahek appear, and Lalit realises that the two had taken on the guise of Seema and Rishabh to trick him.Pratha asks Lalit about the kalash, and the latter says that he cant reveal it because if he did, Rishabh’s life would be in danger.

Pratha shows Lalit the photo from the nagmahal. Lalit reveals that the photograph is not of Seema, but of her mother Thara. Lalit tells Pratha the whole story. We get to see scene from many years ago, in the nag mandir. Mahek and Pratha’s grandmother is visited by a pandit, who predicts good fortune on the young grandchild, destined for greatness. But he warns to keep Mahek away from water, which will become her undoing. The pandit also hints that Nageshwari’s unborn grandchild, Pratha, might also be the one who is destined for greatness, and not Mahek.

Just then a woman arrives at the nagmahal, who is revealed to be Thara, the asur. Thara demands the nagmani, and when Nageshwari refuses, Thara asks for the kalash. Thara says that she will get what she wants soon. Nageshwari cuts her finger and draws a cross across Thara’s portrait. Nageshwari tells her daughter about a powerful kalash in the family, and warns that it should never go in the hands of the asurs.

Back in the present, Pratha questions Lalit about how Thara knew about the kalash, and how Seema knew Chandha. Lalit says that he will tell Pratha everything.

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