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Naagin 6 September 17, 2022 written update: Pratha goes to the naag mahal; Prarthana goes for an interview with Rudra

Rishabh tries to convince Anmol to break up with Rudra.

Naagin 6 September 17, 2022 written update: Pratha goes to the naag mahal; Prarthana goes for an interview with Rudra

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 04.39 PM, Sep 17, 2022


Pratha goes back to the Naag mahal after several years. She questions whether the naag raaj takshak had called her daughter to the mahal. When he replies that he indeed did, Pratha asks him not to interfere in her daughter’s dreams.

She says that she had not used her powers in more than two decades, and says that her daughter will never become sesh naagin. He says that he will not interfere, but if Pratha’s daughter does become the sesh naagin, she would come to the naag mahal by her own choice. He added that Pratha herself did not want to become the sesh naagin, but destiny had something else planned for her.

Prarthana goes for an interview at a news channel, despite bad weather. The professor hypes her up as she goes for the interview. Elsewhere, Rudra wonders about who is planning something dangerous against the nation. We get to see Prarthana and Rudra display their generosity as they give their umbrellas to a few children in need, getting drenched themselves.

As Prarthana is going for her interview, a mongoose bites her, and she kicks it away, resulting in its death. Some people, Vivek and the maha sapera, in a car spot her, and they identify that Prarthana is a sesh naagin. As they tell Sanathan that, he brushes it aside.

As a few girls wait for an interview with Rudra, the latter cancels it as he is very busy. During a meeting, Vivek tells Rudra that they ought to air something about the sesh naagin. Vivek also tells him about the red moon.

Prarthana gets frustrated about the interview getting cancelled, and calls out Rudra for cancelling it and putting the girls through so much trouble. Rudra appears before her and he agrees to take their interviews.

Rudra interviews the maha sapera, who says that he traps powerful naagins. Rudra asks him to appear on the show.

Anmol gets frustrated about Rudra not picking up her calls. Pratha tells Rishabh that they all ought to meet with Rudra in person, and Rishabh reluctantly agrees.

On Rudra’s show, the maha sapera talks about the Red Moon, and how he wants to trap the sesh naagin. Rudra refuses to believe it and says the maha sapera was spreading superstitions. Prarthana sees Rudra’s vanity and leaves, saying she doesn't want to work with such an arrogant man. Prarthana is stopped from leaving, and the employees refuse to give her phone back, saying that no one could leave or enter the building until the interview is over. Prarthana sees Pratha and family enter, and is told that they are close to the owners, which is why they get a free pass.

During the interview, the maha sapera says that the sesh naagin is near, and starts to play his bean. Both Pratha and Prarthana start to get affected by the sound. Rudra puts an end to the Baba’s playing and asks that the latter be thrown out. Pratha invites Rudra for dinner, and tells Pratha about seeing a person who looks just like her.

As one of the interviewees goes outside, she is caught in an accident and saved by Pratha and Prarthana. The maha sapera identifies both of them as sesh naagins. Rudra sees Pratha’s hands magically heal from their wounds, leaving him perplexed. The same thing happens to Prarthana too. Rudra thanks Prarthana for her heroic efforts.

Rishabh asks Anmol to leave Rudra, and says the latter lacks commitment and is too invested in his job.

Maha sapera goes back to his lair and declares that he spotted two sesh naagins. He says that he has something sinister planned when the sesh naagin comes to the naag mahal on the red moon.