Naagin 6 September 18, 2022 written update: Sahiba and Urvashi RETURN, Prarthana reaches the naagmahal

Urvashi vows to take revenge on Pratha.

Naagin 6 September 18, 2022 written update: Sahiba and Urvashi RETURN, Prarthana reaches the naagmahal

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 07.17 PM, Sep 18, 2022


When Prarthana goes to interview with Rudra, Anmol calls him and takes up hours of his time. Prarthana calls Rudra out for this behaviour, and asks him to give the job to another girl. Rudra says that he will give Prarthana a chance to work at the firm as well, starting as an intern.

Pratha tries to protect Anmol from the red moon, much to the young woman’s annoyance. The professor meets with the attacked person, who tells him that it hints at the country coming under attack.

Rudra and his family visits Pratha for dinner. Pratha suffers from the red moon’s power, but refuses to attain her sesh naagin form. Rudra speaks about the incident on his show with maha sapera, and Pratha says that sesh naagins exist. Rudra realises that he should investigate the story further and asks Prarthana to conduct an interview with maha sapera and try to come to the bottom of the sesh naagin story.

As Prarthana goes in search of maha sapera, she meets with Sahiba, Seema’s mother. When Prarthana tells her how the red moon makes her skin become covered in rashes, the latter tells Prarthana to go to a temple where she will find a solution to her problem.

Urvashi is revealed to be alive, after being saved by Sahiba. The former says that Pratha will not stop Prarthana from becoming the sesh naagin, and vows to set their ‘plan’ in motion.

Prarthana enters the temple, where she is cornered by the maha sapera and his disciples. She tries to interview him, and he plays the bean to get Prarthana to become the sesh naagin, but she runs away.

The professor calls up Pratha and says that it was a planned attack directed at the nation. Pratha says that she does not want to return to her past life and says she can't help the professor. The professor starts to realise that Prarthana may not be his biological daughter, but Pratha’s.

Pratha puts forward the proposal that Anmol and Rudra’s marriage be arranged. Rudra is hesitant at the idea, and says that he cannot love anyone or anything more than his work and career. He says he will not be married. Rishabh tells Pratha that he had warned her about Rudra. Rudra’s parents too are frustrated with him for his decision. Rudra says that he only considers Anmol as a friend. Anmol becomes devastated, and Pratha worries if the red moonlight will affect Anmol.

Prarthana runs to the naag mahak, much to the delight of naagraaj Takshak. Prarthana feels like she has a past connection to the naag mahal. She touches the portrait of Pratha’s grandmother, and it feels like the woman in the painting held her hand. Prarthana wears the anklet she finds in the drawer.

The maha sapera arrives and throws open the windows so that the red moonlight touches Prarthana. As they play the bean, Prarthana starts to sway and dance to the tune. She cries out for her mother, and Pratha seems to hear her.

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