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Never Have I Ever season 2: All the times the show hinted that Devi and Paxton would end up together

Devi was confused between dating Ben and Paxton at one point in time.

Jul 19, 2021
cover image
A still from Never Have I Ever season 2. Image courtesy: Netflix.

Never Have I Ever season 2 has been on people’s minds ever since it arrived on Netflix. Devi finally found her soulmate in Paxton after a long and crazy ride involving chasing after him and Ben.

However, while the chase was on and Devi was struggling with loneliness, there were many hints that she was likely to end up with Paxton. As Ben said, “It always has been him.”

Here are the moments when the makers made it clear Devi and Paxton would end up together:

- Devi follows Paxton after the breakup with him and Ben

Devi claimed she loved Ben for his mind and when both Ben and Paxton broke up with her for double-dating them, she chose the hot guy - Paxton, clearly stating her choice in men.

- Paxton gets hit by the car

If one of the partners (or potential ones, in this case) gets hurt, the other feels responsible for him/her. Thus, when Paxton got hit by a car right after the breakup, Devi did feel responsible for that and was ready to do anything to help him. In the process, they would spend more time together and get closer than before.

- Rebecca's lesson

After Paxton came home telling Rebecca about Devi's behaviour, she asked him to man up. Paxton took his baby sister's advice and let go of his ego and growing hatred for Devi.

- Paxton pursues Devi to 'help him study'

Even though this might not exactly be intentional, when Paxton needed help, Devi was right there. Plus, he guilt-tripped Devi every time she tried to avoid being with him, which clearly indicates he wanted to spend more time with her. "Studying is more fun with you around," this boy had accepted.

- Devi ignores him

The makers used the oldest trick in the book - girl ignores boy, he demands to be seen and they end up together. When Paxton was desperately seeking help, Devi mostly ignored him (because of her being occupied with something else, including separating Ben from his imaginary girlfriend). This made Paxton more passionate about pursuing Devi, which he did till the end.

- Paxton sneaks into Devi's room every other night

Just like Devi's dream coming true, Paxton took the effort to visit Devi's house and sneak into her room, just to make out with her. If that doesn't mean their relationship is going somewhere, we don't know what will.

- He tries to accept her existence in school

Paxton is the cool guy who can get any girl from school. However, deep down, he is the kind of guy who wants only one girl. He is eyeing Devi but cannot accept her after the goof-up she made while double-dating him and causing him serious injury. Honestly, if it were anybody else, they would probably ignore her completely. Not Paxton though, for that guy would go on and accept her as a 'pal' in front of his close-knit friends.

- The prom refusal

The prom refusal changed everything. It got Devi upset and made Paxton think hard. Soon enough, he would see the hints that they both have put in equal efforts into what could become their future.

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