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Nirup has been my biggest pillar of support since we began working on Window Seat: Sheethal Shetty

The anchor-turned-actress-turned-filmmaker was worried if her lack of directing experience would be an issue, but the actor never held that against her

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 10.12 AM, Jun 09, 2022

Nirup has been my biggest pillar of support since we began working on Window Seat: Sheethal Shetty
Sanjana Anand, Nirup Bhandari, Sheethal Shetty and Amrutha Iyengar

This week, former anchor and now actress and filmmaker Sheethal Shetty launched the trailer of her debut directorial, Window Seat. The film is set to release in theatres on July 1. Starring Nirup Bhandari, Amrutha Iyengar and Sanjana Anand in the lead, the film, is a crime thriller, with a love story at its crux. Although Sheethal had written the script over several years, direction was not her plan, until friends told her that it would be best if she brings her vision to the screen.

Luckily for her, when she then went to narrate the script to Nirup, he did not hold her lack of experience as a filmmaker against it. “I have been a TV anchor for many years, and then an actress, so it is likely that people could be prejudiced against me. Nirup comes from a family that has a deep understanding of cinema. His brother is already an established filmmaker and Nirup is also making a name for himself as an actor, with content-rich films. So, when I went to narrate the script, I wondered what his reaction would be and whether he would agree to be a part of my film. Also, there was a fear whether my lack of experience as a filmmaker would be held against me. But he was more than welcoming and as soon as he heard the story, he was onboard and has been my biggest pillar of support throughout this journey of Window Seat so far. Nirup has given his 200% to this film. Even though he’s also been busy with other projects, including a biggie, he has been with this team at every step of the way and for that I will always be grateful to him,” said Sheethal at the recent trailer launch of the film.

Produced by Manjunath Gowda for Shalini Artss, the film introduces Lekha Naidu as the police officer investigating a crime.