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October 2022 Week 3 OTT movies, web series India releases: From Four More Shots Please! 3 to Tripling 3

In the third week of October 2022, there are a lot of Korean, English, Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil movies and TV shows coming out on OTT platforms.

October 2022 Week 3 OTT movies, web series India releases: From Four More Shots Please! 3 to Tripling 3
Four More Shots Please! Season 3; Tripling Season 3
  • Aishwarya Vasudevan

Last Updated: 02.34 AM, Oct 17, 2022


In the third week of October 2022, English titles are filled with a few spooky elements as Halloween is almost upon us. The Indian titles are gearing up for us to get into the festive mode. Among the most-awaited titles are Four More Shots Please! Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video and Tripling Season 3 on ZEE5. Both the titles are coming back to OTT after a very long time.

There are some spooky and interesting titles making their way to Netflix, including 28 Days Haunted, Barbarians Season 2, and The School for Good and Evil.

Some movies, like Bimbisara, Krishna Vrinda Vihari, and Oke Oka Jeevitham, are ready to be shown for the first time on OTT after being shown in theaters.

Learn about the titles releasing in the third week of October 2022 in detail below:

20th Century Girl - October 21 (Netflix)

In 1999, a young woman maintains a watchful eye on a boy at school on behalf of her best friend, who is madly in love. Then she is sucked into her own love story.

28 Days Haunted - October 21 (Netflix)

The opportunity to take part in the most extreme paranormal experiment ever will be offered to four daring teams of paranormal investigators. Any of these teams will win praise and fame for contributing to the most significant development in paranormal research in the last few decades if they can survive 28 days in a horrific, haunted area.

Barbarians Season 2 - October 21 (Netflix)

A rival stands in his way. A year after Varus is vanquished, Ari attempts to rule over all the tribes. Meanwhile, a new Roman general settles in Germania.

Bimbisara - October 21 (ZEE5)

The terrible monarch Bimbisara of ancient times is betrayed by his brother, imprisoned in a mirror, and transported to the present. Bimbisara looks for the mirror to free himself as he longs to return to his empire.

CleaningUp - October 20 (Netflix)

When three people who work in housekeeping at an investment firm find out about insider stock information, they decide to take a chance on a plan that could change their lives.

Four More Shots Please! Season 3 - October 21 (Amazon Prime Video)

A tearful farewell, a few laughs, some tears, and a heavy heart. This season, that is how we perceive the four girls. Each of them carries heavy burdens, the majority of which cause them to hunch their shoulders and almost fall. The four of them only want to find closure this season, but sometimes the final chapters are the most difficult ones.

From Scratch - October 21 (Netflix)

Meet Amy and Lino, a timeless love story. The story of an artist who falls in love with a chef in Italy and sets out on a life-altering adventure of love, grief, resiliency, and hope through cultures and countries is told in the New York Times best-selling memoir, From Scratch.

Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy Live from Los Angeles - October 17 (Netflix)

Getting extorted, insulting an expert fighter and scavenging for candy with his son. In this historic stand-up performance, Gabriel opens up about his highs and lows in life.

Hello Remember Me - October 21 (hoichoi)

The two heroines are introduced in the series. In addition to Ishaa and Paayel, Sourav Chakraborty will have a significant role. His mother would be viewed as Labani Sarkar. Ishaa Saha will reportedly be portrayed as Sourav's wife. A crew change has also occurred in the interim. Soumik Chattopadhyay helmed the first three seasons, but Abhimanyu Mukhopadhyay will helm the fourth. The script was written by Sahana Dutta.

Krishna Vrinda Vihari - October 23 (Netflix)

The son of a very religious and traditional family makes up a complicated lie to get married to a woman who can't have children.

Love is Blind Season 3 - October 19 (Netflix)

A new group of singles must choose if they will dare to propose to someone they have never met while riding an emotional roller coaster from the pods to the altar.

Oke Oka Jeevitham - October 20 (SonyLIV)

Aadhi and his buddies decide to use a scientist's assistance to travel back in time to fix their current. But time and destiny had other ideas for them. Will they be successful in getting what they want?

Super Senior Heroes - October 21 (Netflix)

A widower and his friends make up a superhero league to impress his grandson, but when something bad happens, they are forced to do something real.

The Peripheral - October 21 (Amazon Prime Video)

The only way for a young woman to escape the daily grind while stuck in a small Appalachian town is to play cutting-edge video games. She is such a skilled gamer that a business sends her a new gaming console to test... However, there is a surprise in store. It fulfils all of her fantasies of discovering romance, glamour, and a sense of purpose in what appears to be a game, but it also puts her and her family in grave danger.

The School for Good and Evil - October19 (Netflix)

When best friends Sophie and Agatha are transported to a magical academy for aspiring fairy-tale heroes and villains, their relationship is put to the test.

Tripling Season 3 - October 21 (ZEE5)

The news of their parents' divorce shocks Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitwan. Will their parents change their minds and save the family after their last trip together?