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Odisha train accident: Sonu Sood urges government to form Fixed Income Policies for the victims

The actor posted a video on social media regarding the same

Odisha train accident: Sonu Sood urges government to form Fixed Income Policies for the victims
PC: Instagram Account of Sonu Sood
  • Satish Sundaresan

Last Updated: 08.20 AM, Jun 04, 2023


Yesterday morning was one of the most terrifying days in the history of not just the railways, but also in our country. Yesterday morning the whole country woke up to the most heart-wrenching news of the Odisha train accident, in which over 200 people had lost their lives and more than 900 people getting got injured in the mayhem. Besides the armed forces and the common man who rushed in to the location to render help, there was also the Indian film industry who stepped out to express their grief and extend support to the victims and their families.

While actor Sonu Sood appreciated and applauded those who have come forward to render their help, he felt that, more needs to be done for the victims' families. The ‘Fateh’ actor, who became synonymous as messiah of the common man during the pandemic, is known for his incessant help towards the needy. Sonu Sood took to social media and posted a video of himself while talking about the unfortunate incident. The actor, besides expressing his grief and extending condolences to the victims and their families, also pointed out that the people would move on eventually but those families will suffer for a lifetime. He captioned the video as, “Heartbroken by the news of the train tragedy in Odisha. Heartfelt deepest condolences. Time to show our support and solidarity for the unfortunates. #OdishaTrainAccident”.

In the video shared by Sonu Sood on social media, the actor is seen saying, “Hum log tweet karte hain, shok dikhate hain fir apni zindagi mein busy ho jate hain (After we have tweeted and shown our greif, we get busy with our lives). But what about all those people who had left home to earn livelihood in another city, many families have vanished, will they ever be able to stand up again. Compensations milenge jo 2-4 mahine me khatam ho jayenge (Compensations which will be gotten, will be spent/ exhausted in 2-4 months). Imagine the one who would have lost a leg or has a broken shoulder, will he ever be able to work again?”

He added, “These are all the breadwinners of the family. I feel the government is working very well for them but I feel they should bring a policy for the victims of such tragic accidents. Like the system of pensions, a fixed income should be ensured for such families. I ask everyone to do something for them, the state governments, the central government should form certain kind of policies which set an example for the future. Sirf social media pe dukh dikhane se kuch nahi hoga (Merely showing sadness/ grief on social media will yield no result at all).”