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OTT Movie Releases This Week: From Chandramukhi 2 to Pain Hustlers - Must-Watch Movies This Weekend

Chandramukhi 2 to Pain Hustlers: This week's must-watch OTT releases include a variety of horror films, dramas and thrillers.

OTT Movie Releases This Week: From Chandramukhi 2 to Pain Hustlers - Must-Watch Movies This Weekend
OTT Movie Releases This Week

Last Updated: 08.11 PM, Oct 26, 2023


It's time for your weekly update on the newest OTT movie releases. This week offers a variety of movies to suit all preferences, from Kangana Ranaut and Raghava Laerence's Chandramukhi 2 to Emily Blunt and Chris Evans's true-crime thriller Pain Hustlers. So let's take a look at them here:

Title Starring Release date OTT platform
Chandramukhi 2
Ragava Lawrance, Kangana Ranaut 26th October 2023 Netflix
Pain Hustlers  Emily Blunt, Chris Evans 27th October 2023 Netflix
Cobweb  Woody Norman, Lizzy Caplan, Antony Starr 27th October 2023 Lionsgate Play
Sister Death Aria Bedmar, Almudena Amor, Maru Valdivielso, Luisa Merelas  27th October 2023 Netflix

Chandramukhi 2 on Netflix


Chandramukhi 2 is a sequel to the 2005 blockbuster Chandramukhi. The film stars Ragava Lawrance and Kangana Ranaut in lead roles and is written and directed by P Vasu. The film centers on a woman whose family is affected by her dissociative identity disorder. A psychiatrist plans to solve the case, but doing so could endanger his life.

Why you should watch it:Chandramukhi 2 delivers angaging performances by Kangana Ranaut, Raghava Lawrence and Radikaa Sarathkumar. The film has an engaging plot that keep you enteretained throughout the film.

Pain Hustlers on Netflix

Pain Hustlers, which is based on Evan Hughes's 2022 novel and is inspired by the Insys scandal, centers on Emily Blunt's character Liza. Liza, who is unemployed and struggling to raise her kid, receives a lifeline when Pete (Chris Evans) recruits her for his faltering pharmaceutical start-up. Liza's charm draws the business into a dangerous criminal conspiracy with potentially disastrous consequences. In addition, Andy García, Brian d'Arcy James, Catherine O'Hara, Jay Duplass, and Chloe Coleman star in the movie.

Why you should watch it: Chris Evan and Emily Blunt, with their powerful performances are sure to keep you hooked throughout the movie. The film also takes a critical look at the pharmaceutical industry.

Cobweb on Lionsgate Play

The protagonist of this horror-thriller movie is eight-year-old Peter, who is haunted by a constant tapping sound coming from the walls of his bedroom. His parents, played by Lizzy Caplan and Antony Starr, reject his worries, telling him it's all in his head, despite his mounting uneasiness. But as the tapping continues and Peter's anxiety grows, he starts to worry that his parents might be hiding a dangerously dangerous truth.

Why you should watch it: Cobweb will keep you on the edge of your seat with its scares. If you are a horror enthusiast then this one is a must-watch for you.

Sister Death on Netflix

Sister Death takes you to post-war Spain and immerses you in the spooky past of Narcisa, a young novice with unnerving supernatural talents, before the horrific events of the 2017 horror film Veronica. When Narcisa arrives at the renovated convent—now a boarding school for girls—she finds herself at the center of unsettling happenings and a demonic force with terrible intent.

Why you should watch it: Sister Death delivers precise sound design with disturbing imagery. It succeeds in making the scares more harrowing.

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