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Premam Poojyam on OTT: Nenapirali Prem’s milestone 25th film finally finds a digital partner

The directorial debut of Dr Raghavendra BS had realized in theatres way back in November 2021

Premam Poojyam on OTT: Nenapirali Prem’s milestone 25th film finally finds a digital partner
Prem in Premam Poojyam
  • Prathibha Joy

Last Updated: 03.39 PM, Feb 18, 2023

Available On:

It has taken the makers of Nenapirali Prem’s milestone 25thfilm Premam Poojyam a good year and a half to crack a streaming deal. But hey, it’s not headed to any of the mainstream platforms that you already have subscriptions for. Instead, the film is being made available on a new OTT platform for Kannada cinema called CineBazzar, which follows the pay-per-view format. CineBazzar works on TVOD platform focussed on bringing newly-released quality movies to the worldwide audience. Signing up to the service is not subscription based and you pay only for what you want to see. Premam Poojyam will be available from March 9 on the platform.


The film, directed by neurologist-turned-director Dr Raghavendra BS, was a love story, with Prem, as a high-flying cardiologist, and his pining for unrequited love. Much of the film is about how he, as a medical student, Sri Hari, falls head-over-heels in ‘pure’ love with his classmate, Sherlyn Pinto. Religion is, of course, an obstacle, and she ends up marrying someone else, while Sri Hari devotes his time to his career, making him one of the top cardiologists in Bengaluru. Broken heart syndrome, which is apparently very real, is what the film explores, leading into a tragic ending.

Although the box office response to the film was lukewarm, the makers had announced that a sequel was in the offing. Considering that Premam Poojyam explored the protagonist’s life right from how he got into medical school, until his death of a broken heart, audiences have been wondering how the narrative will play out. Unless, of course, the makers are only using the title and presenting a whole different story. The sequel was supposed to go on floors in 2022, but there’s been no news since.