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Quiz: Test your knowledge on lesser-known superheroes

With the teaser trailer of Moon Knight out, fans can now end their wait for one of the most anticipated shows Marvel has ever made.

  • Tanumay Naskar

Last Updated: 05.18 AM, Dec 10, 2021

Quiz: Test your knowledge on lesser-known superheroes

Spider-man, Superman, Batman - names of superheroes we are familiar with through comics or from big studio films. But there are a plethora of names beyond these popular superheroes that have not yet made a big splash, whose stories are just as compelling as the bigger names.

For instance, Ant-Man was a less popular superhero, and other than comic book readers, the general audience was unaware. Moon Knight, Miss Marvel, and She-Hulk are a few examples of lesser-known superheroes getting their own stand-alone adaptations. These are characters who are not very popular outside the realm of comic book aficionados.

Peacemaker is yet another example that even ardent comic book fans might not recognise, but is getting a TV series starring John Cena - a spinoff of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

The crux of the lesser-known superheroes lies in the timing of the introduction of the characters. If the timing is right, the story is perfect and the viewers or readers are mature enough, then the character is bound to go big. For instance, the character of Miss Marvel is fairly new, and in today’s day and age, her character has found a base among the Asian readers growing up in the USA, as her character represents their culture. It is one of the reasons Marvel has pushed the story of Ms Marvel on OTT platforms so that viewers can explore her character and her world.

So, if you are a fan of lesser-known superheroes, attempt the quiz below

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