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Radhe to Halston: Here are 13 recommendations to stream this weekend

A list of 13 shows and movies that can be streamed over the weekend.

  • Harshita Alok Sharma

Last Updated: 06.30 PM, May 12, 2021

Radhe to Halston: Here are 13 recommendations to stream this weekend

A whole new weekend, but the same question - what should I watch? Lucky for you, OTTplay has your back. Now that you’re cooped up at home and need entertainment round the clock, OTT platforms are rising up to the occasion and bringing some incredible content to users. Here is a list of 13 shows and movies that you can watch over the weekend.

Minari - Amazon Prime Video

Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari is a beautiful tale of a South Korean immigrant family trying to make a living in America. The tale is truthful, simple and heartwarming. Minari resonated with several immigrants across the world and raked up six Oscar nominations in 2021.

Radhe - ZEE5 / ZEEPlex

Salman Khan is back with another Eid release and this time, it's with Prabhudeva. This remake of a Korean movie will feature Khan in the midst of serious action as he rids the nation of a rampant drug problem by taking the kingpin, played by Randeep Hooda, down.

Karnan - Amazon Prime Video

Dhanush’s latest blockbuster film Karnan features him in the titular role, where he fights caste-based discrimination, police brutality and untouchability in a village which is rife with caste violence. Praised for its portrayal of important social evils, Karnan is a must watch.

Halston - Netflix

This miniseries is based on the life of designer Halston, who is reaching the peak of his career and is gaining worldwide recognition till one day, everything starts to go awry. Created by Sharr White, fashion enthusiasts are sure to like this series.

Alma Matters : Inside the IIT Dream - Netflix

Even those students who are not pursuing engineering know exactly how difficult it is to get into an IIT. Seen as a sure-shot method to success, securing admission in an IIT is all that Indian aspirants are pushed to do. However, is the dream really what they thought it would be? Alma Matters - Inside the IIT Dream explores the truth behind the mental health of students.

Love, Death & Robots - Netflix

Who doesn’t love an animated series with horror elements so gory that it’s almost as good as Game of Thrones? Love, Death & Robots is coming back for a second season this Friday with eight episodes that promise to push the boundaries of sci-fi, animation and excellent plotlines.

The Last Hour - Amazon Prime Video

Sanjay Kapoor’s first webseries, The Last Hour is a supernatural thriller that revolves around a shaman who falls in love with a cop’s daughter and finds himself torn between duty and love. Eight episodes of this series promise a thrilling journey.

Cinema Bandi - Netflix

Praveen Kandregula’s Cinema Bandi is a Telugu comedy film that is set in a village in the Southern region of India. When a group of young filmmakers try to make a film on a camera that they happened to find, hilarity ensues in this film.

The Woman in the Window - Netflix

This psychology thriller stars Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie and Julianne Moore. If that alone is not a good enough reason to watch it, the plot is based on a twisted search for a woman who has gone missing, turning the life of her neighbour upside down.

The Underground Railroad - Amazon Prime Video

Barry Jenkins’ The Underground Railroad is a historical drama series that focuses on the plight of slaves in America and their subsequent scheme to escape their bounds. The series provides an honest look into the amount of violence, oppression and cruelty faced by the slaves.

Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku - ZEE5

Does a man with no significant achievements in his life deserve to have a biopic made on him? This is the question that Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku attempts to answer. The plot follows an ordinary man whose life becomes anything but unordinary very soon.

Wonder Woman 1984 - Amazon Prime Video

We love Gal Gadot and we love Wonder Woman! Perhaps the strongest female superhero in the DCEU, Wonder Woman is back to fight Maxwell Lord and Cheetah in the 1980s. She has to step out of her life that is living in loneliness and rise up to the occasion once more.

Haunted (Season 3) - Netflix

This horror anthology series features recreations of supernatural events that have plagued individuals in real life. A total spookfest, the first two seasons of Haunted explored cases of ghosts, lost souls, attached shadows and more. This season is set to make the whole series a lot scarier.