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Rana Sarkar alleges forgery against Ashok Dhanuka and Himangshu Dhanuka

Producers Rana Sarkar and Himangshu Dhanuka at loggerheads over financial irregularities

Rana Sarkar alleges forgery against Ashok Dhanuka and Himangshu Dhanuka
Rana Sarkar and Himangshu Dhanuka
  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 10.25 AM, Jul 15, 2022


Rana Sarkar has alleged that his signature was forged by Himangshu Dhanuka and his father Ashok Dhanuka of Eskay Movies on an agreement made between Rana Sarkar and them. The producer also refuted Dhanuka's claim that he owes the production house money. In the latest social media post, Rana also claimed that he was threatened by the father and son over financial disputes.

On his social media, Rana wrote that in 2018, he got into an agreement with Dhanukas. “Before the agreement, they were sweet to me. They promised me their financial and logistic support. Initially, they gave me money. As soon as the agreement was done, they started putting pressure on me. They forced me to hire cameras and other equipment. They asked me to change the conditions of the agreement. Then they started disturbing our production. They also threatened me saying that I was a minor Bengali producer and I would have to tow their line if I wanted to survive in the industry,” he wrote.

In his post, he also claimed that he left Kolkata and after his NOC, all the dues were cleared to the artistes and technicians by the respective channels. “Dhanukas got their money too. But after I got back to Kolkata, I realised that they are still claiming the money that they received already. I went to court and won the case. The court clearly ruled that their claim was false. I do not owe them any money,” Rana wrote.

He added, “While checking the documents, I realised that my signature was forged in their documents. I went to the court again and according to the court’s order, I lodged an FIR with the police. The investigation is on its last leg. They owe me a lot of money and I will go to the court again to get what is rightfully mine,” said the producer.

While talking to OTTplay, Rana said, “It is because of Ashok Dhanuka and Himangshu Dhanuka, I had to give up my television work. I had to go through a lot of humiliation. But I have sought justice from the court. I won a case against them and there will be more to come.”

Meanwhile, Himangshu Dhanuka refuted all the claims. “Rana Sarkar and his house Dag Creative Media Private Limited took Rs 30 lakh from us as a loan and now he is refusing to pay it back to us. He is claiming that his sign is forged on three pages in his ‘obligation’ part of the agreement. On December 24, 2018, The same agreement was emailed to him and he agreed to the terms and conditions. Now it makes no sense to claim otherwise,” Himangshu told OTTplay.

Talking about the alleged threats, Himangshu said, “We have been living in Kolkata for years and we have turned into Bengalis. How can we say anything demeaning towards the race? That is again a wrong claim,” he said.