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Rangula Ratnam, Padaharella Vayasu to Dhee: Best films of Chandra Mohan on OTT

Revisit late actor Chandra Mohan’s finest contributions to Telugu cinema

Rangula Ratnam, Padaharella Vayasu to Dhee: Best films of Chandra Mohan on OTT

The many facets of Chandra Mohan

Last Updated: 02.01 PM, Nov 11, 2023


Chandra Mohan had a fantastic career as an actor in Telugu cinema in terms of his role-variety and his passing away today leaves a void in the fraternity and in the hearts of his fans and film buffs worldwide. His legacy is probably comparable only to that of the inimitable Kaikala Satyanarayana in Telugu. Humans may not be immortal, but art certainly is.

While mourning his death, it’s equally important for us to recollect and revisit his career-best performances as an actor over the years. Here are some of the finest works you could watch on OTT.

Rangula Ratnam


His first-ever on-screen appearance for this B N Reddy-directed family drama fetched him a Nandi award and he embraced the several shades of grey in his part with maturity.

Platform: YouTube

Siri Siri Muvva

Playing an orphan who comes to the rescue of a mute girl who dreams of a career in dance, Siri Siri Muvva is a fine showcase of Chandra Mohan’s ability to handle heavyweight drama with ease.

Platform: YouTube


Perhaps the finest of the collaborations between Chandra Mohan and director K Viswanath, the former played the role of an innocent, selfless villager who helps a budding singer reach great heights.

Platform: Hungama

Lakshmana Rekha

One of the rare negative roles in his career, Chandra Mohan surprised many with his effortless portrayal of a headstrong, manipulative youngster who cheats a woman. Jayasudha headlines the gripping drama.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video


K Viswanath took a break from a series of artsy films to deliver an enjoyable relationship drama in which Chandra Mohan is a youngster who chases money and loses sight of his priorities.

Platform: Youtube

Sukha Dukhalu

Perhaps the game-changer in Chandra Mohan’s career, Sukha Dukhalu, an adaptation of the Tamil play Major Chandrakanth, the veteran was outstanding as the grieving brother who’s committed to avenging his sister’s career.

Platform: Youtube

Padaharella Vayasu

One of the biggest challenges in his career, Chandra Mohan was cast as an innocent simpleton who falls in love with a young girl, who contrastingly detests his presence. K Raghavendra Rao gave the veteran a memorable film.

Platform: ZEE5


A terrific example of Chandra Mohan’s comic timing and fabulous dialogue delivery, Dhee, directed by Srinu Vaitla, is packed with comical exchanges between him, Vishnu Manchu and Srihari.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

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