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Roadies - Karm Ya Kaand Winner Vashu Jain: Prince sir always plays and thinks like a contestant and not as a gang leader | EXCLUSIVE

The 22-year-old Vashu Jain emerged as the ultimate winner of the reality show Roadies - Karm Ya Kaand

Roadies - Karm Ya Kaand Winner Vashu Jain: Prince sir always plays and thinks like a contestant and not as a gang leader | EXCLUSIVE
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Last Updated: 02.14 AM, Oct 17, 2023


Participating in the super famous reality show ‘Roadies’ has always been the dream of every boy and girl during their growing up years. While a few become fortunate to realise that dream, whereas, it remains a dream for many. Vashi Jain is one lucky guy, who is just 22 years old and had not only participated in the reality show ‘Roadies’, but, also went onto win the show with his sharp brain and presence of mind. OTTplay caught up with the winner for an exclusive interview

To start with, what’s that one karam that you did and that one kaand that you did?
In the entire journey, I was only trying to do only karam. There was not even a single kaand that I had planned to do. But, somehow, ‘kaand’ happens. Let me also confess that I had done one kaand. When Sachin had voted me out, I had to take revenge from him. I took full advantage of the situation. That’s the only kaand that I had done in my entire journey.

You were earlier in Prince’s gang, then, you moved onto Rhea’s gang. What’s the difference that you found in these two gangs and the gang leaders?
Even though Rhea mam is very smart, let me also tell you that, there is no one to beat Prince sir’s strategy. Initially, I was making mistakes on technical grounds, and the tasks thereafter weren’t belonging to my forte. And, when I swapped the gangs, the tasks that I began to get were all under my forte!

How did you find Prince and Rhea as gang leaders?
From my observation, what I had seen is that, whenever Prince sir plays, he plays as a contestant and never treats anyone like a gang leader. But Rhea mam took time to understand the game, because she was not that experienced. That's why she was trying to play as a gang leader. I also felt that, somewhere down the line, even she wanted a comeback for herself and that’s why she chose to shine herself as well!

How has the entire Roadies journey enhanced you as an individual?
I studied myself thoroughly. I discovered that I am not an arrogant person as I am a fun-loving guy. Even Prince sir used to come and teach a thing or two about life. Overall, I am in love with the newer version of myself.

The social media has always been full of fights between Prince Narula and Gautam Gulati. Did they actually fight with each other or for the camera?
There is nothing on the show that was scripted. To answer your question, let me tell you that, when two alpha male cross paths with each other, there is bound to be a clash of egos! Need I say more!

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