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Sarkaru Vaari Paata actor Keerthy Suresh doesn't want to do roles that demand skin show

Keerthy Suresh was seen latest in Mahesh Babu's Sarkaru Vaari Paata and Saani Kaayidham. 

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 01.57 PM, May 14, 2022

Sarkaru Vaari Paata actor Keerthy Suresh doesn't want to do roles that demand skin show
Keerthy Suresh and Mahesh Babu

Reports were claiming Keerthy Suresh (whose latest releases include Mahesh Babu's Sarkaru Vaari Paata and Saani Kaayidham), said "no" to glamour roles. The Mahanati actor issued a clarification on the same, in a chat with ETimes: "I don't remember stating I won't do glamour roles. First of all, 'glamour' means beautiful; we have exaggerated the word, projecting it wrong. I wasn't interested in doing characters that demand skin show."

Keerthy Suresh also spoke about her weight loss. She says she's comfortable with the way she looks now. "I can wear all kinds of outfits, I like to; which wasn't possible earlier. For now, I am focused on doing good roles. I have been shooting for multiple films, which makes me feel relaxed. I shift between characters, instead of sticking to the similar ones."

Speaking about pulling off an intense role in Saani Kaayidham, which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Keerthy tells Film Companion, "Ponni is a very raw and rugged character. It’s a revenge story. Due to an incident that happens in her life, she is traumatised and goes on an act of revenge with her brother. She isn’t like that from the beginning. Due to trauma, she turns into someone with rage."

How was it working with the two tough taskmasters; co-actor Selvaraghavan and director Arun Matheswaran? The actor tells Film Companion, "Arun is amazing and I love his vision. His forte is how beautifully he can make a film. He’ll start with a very small thing, but it’ll end up as an ambitious one. He said he’s not seen me in a role like this before, so I took it up!"

Speaking about working with Yamini Yagnamurthy, a woman DOP, Keerthy told Film Companion, "I think it’s a different level of comfort. I can tell her anything. In this film, she was running. There are no trolleys and fancy shots in Arun’s film. So, she had to carry a Steadicam every time on her shoulder. When I would take extra takes, I’d feel terrible, but she handles it. She’s very tough and smart. I loved working with her!"

So, what is on her checklist, next? "I always say I go in a flow. After a point, we start aspiring and wishing for more, but my only goal is to keep driving. I feel I just started even though it’s been over 9 years. So, I feel there’s a lot more to do," Keerthy Suresh concludes.