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September 2023, Week 5 OTT India releases: From Agent, Charlie Chopra and The Mystery of Solang Valley, Choona, Gen V to Hostel Daze 4, King of Kotha, Kushi, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

In the fifth week of September 2023, many Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Korean, Hindi, English, Spanish, and Malayalam movies and series will be coming out on OTT platforms.

September 2023, Week 5 OTT India releases: From Agent, Charlie Chopra and The Mystery of Solang Valley, Choona, Gen V to Hostel Daze 4, King of Kotha, Kushi, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
Agent; Charlie Chopra and The Mystery of Solang Valley; Choona; Gen V; Hostel Daze 4; King of Kotha; Kushi; Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Last Updated: 04.23 PM, Sep 24, 2023


In the final week of September 2023, there will be an exorbitant amount of titles premiering on the leading OTT platforms. The Hindi titles that are releasing this week are Charlie Chopra and The Mystery of Solang Valley on Sony LIV, Choona on Netflix, Hostel Daze 4 on Prime Video, and Tumse Na Ho Payega on Disney+ Hotstar. While Gen V on Prime Video and The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar on Netflix are also hitting this week, Agent on SonyLIV, King of Kotha on Disney+ Hotstar, Kushi, and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Netflix are premiering after their theatrical runs.

Take a look at the titles releasing in the fifth week of September 2023 in detail below:

Adiyae - September 29 (SonyLIV)

A despondent Jeeva has an accident and finds himself in a strange utopian world.

Agent - September 29 (SonyLIV)

A secret agent with a shadowy past sets out to reveal the truth about a lethal terrorist group.

Angshuman MBA - September 29 (ZEE5)

After earning his MBA, Angshuman and his best friend Gupi set up shop as a breakup consultant. He has to figure out a means to conceal his career when he falls for Labonyo, a romantic who appreciates the classics.

Castlevania: Nocturne - September 28 (Netflix)

Castlevania's bloody, Gothic adventures are back with a brand new location and higher stakes than ever before. Nocturne is a compelling tale of love and grief that represents a departure from the original Castlevania Netflix series. Included is Richter Belmont's (a gaming icon and one of the franchise's most beloved characters) original origin narrative, which has never been seen before.

Charlie Chopra and The Mystery of Solang Valley - September 26 (SonyLIV)

With a wealthy man dead, the town teeming with potential suspects, stories rife with inaccuracies, and an innocent man sitting behind bars, how can Charlie solve the mystery?

Choona - September 29 (Netflix)

A heist is planned as a means of taking revenge on a ruthless yet superstitious politician by an odd collection of misfits.

Encounters - September 27 (Netflix)

We have been dismissing those who claim to have witnessed extraterrestrial encounters and other paranormal phenomena as conspiracy theorists for decades. Whistleblowers from the Pentagon's secret operations and major news organisations have confirmed in recent congressional hearings on UFOs that we are not alone. The four-part series explores four incredible true stories of contacts with extraterrestrial phenomena from different parts of the earth. Each episode is a complete story, told in cinematic detail and with extensive research: strange lights over a small town in Texas; an alien encounter in a Zimbabwean schoolyard; non-human intelligence allegedly interfering with a nuclear power plant in Japan; and so on. The series transcends the scientific to emphasise the deeply human impact of these encounters on individuals, families, and communities as presented from the perspective of personal experiencers in the locations where the sightings occurred, with the guidance of cutting-edge scientists and military officials. Extraterrestrial encounters are worldwide, amazing, and unlike anything we've ever imagined. Solving this puzzle will reveal a set of uncanny similarities and one astonishing truth, making for a timely and timeless cosmic detective story.

Forgotten Love - September 27 (Netflix)

An opportunity for redemption presents itself to a once-revealed surgeon who has lost his family and his memories through a chance encounter with an old acquaintance.

Gen V - September 29 (Prime Video)

Taking place in the same evil universe as The Boys, Gen V introduces the exclusive superhero training institution, Godolkin University. In addition to the usual mayhem of coming of age and wild partying, these young people are dealing with potentially explosive circumstances.

Hostel Daze Season 4 - September 27 (Prime Video)

The group gets ready for their placement year and tries their hardest to land a good job before saying their final goodbyes to the hostel.

Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wongso - September 28 (Netflix)

The murders of Jessica Wongso and Mirna Salihin in Indonesia in 2016 by cyanide-laced coffee have never been solved. Is someone in jail who shouldn't be there because of social media pressure, or has the true killer been apprehended?

King of Kotha - September 28 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Kannan Bhai and his crew are the top dogs in a lawless city. Inspector Shahul's subtle plans to bring back the 'King' as a means of resisting this regime and exacting retribution result in a dramatic shift in the course of events.

Kumari Srimathi - September 28 (Prime Video)

Srimathi, a 30-year-old single woman, has a dead-end job, a troubled family, and a burning desire to reclaim the family home. She has to quickly raise a substantial sum of money to accomplish this. She decides to open a pub since she believes there is a market for it in her little town. Srimathi faces several social and moral challenges throughout her life, including the stigma associated with her name.

Kushi - October 1 (Netflix)

A couple who are doomed to divorce decide to change their relationship to make it work. When all is said and done, will they see that their parents were right?

L-Pop - September 27 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Andrea, an avid listener of Korean pop music, decides to enter a dance competition with the hope of obtaining a vacation to South Korea as the grand prize.

Launchpad Season 2 - September 29 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Season 2 of Disney's Launchpad features live-action shorts from a fresh crop of talented directors. This season highlights the work of six underrepresented writers, five underrepresented directors, and one underrepresented writer-director. Season 2 of Disney's Launchpad is thrilled to introduce six new shorts on the theme of "connection," continuing the mission of Season 1 to diversify the types of tales being told by giving access to those who traditionally have not had it.

Love Is in the Air - September 28 (Netflix)

Delta Goodrem's character falls for the man corporations hired to shut down the family business despite her uncompromising independence.

Nowhere - September 29 (Netflix)

A pregnant lady fleeing a totalitarian regime finds herself confined in a cargo container while at sea.

Overhaul - September 27 (Netflix)

When truck racer Roger loses everything, he is offered an appealing but risky job by a gang of thieves: driving them to safety.

Reptile - September 29 (Netflix)

As he investigates the violent death of a young real estate agent, a tough detective uncovers a tangled web of lies.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - October 1 (Netflix)

Following his reunion with Gwen Stacy, the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man of Brooklyn is propelled across the Multiverse, where he runs upon a group of Spider-People whose job it is to ensure the Multiverse's continued existence. In order to protect the people he cares about most, Miles must redefine what it means to be a hero when the heroes disagree on how to deal with a new threat.

Street Flow 2 - September 27 (Netflix)

The Traoré brothers continue their search for a better future despite living in a Parisian suburb where betrayal, retribution, and violence are all too common.

The Devil's Plan - September 26 (Netflix)

Over the course of seven days and six nights, twelve competitors compete in mental and strategic challenges. Who will emerge as the victor?

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar - September 27 (Netflix)

Wes Anderson has adapted Roald Dahl's classic tale about a wealthy guy who learns a remarkable trick in order to cheat at gambling.

The Worst of Evil - September 27 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Junmo, a rural police officer, joins a wicked gang as an undercover agent, all the while blissfully oblivious to his wife's complicated ties to the organisation's leader.

Tumse Na Ho Payega - September 29 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Gaurav and his pals had a humorous epiphany when they decided to go against social norms and instead follow their emotions.

Who Killed Jill Dando? - September 26 (Netflix)

In broad daylight in 1999, British television veteran Jill Dando was shot and killed on her porch. The murder has been the subject of one of the largest investigations into a single case in British history, but to no avail. This three-part series follows her family, friends, journalists, investigators, and lawyers as they try to answer the question, "Who killed Jill Dando?" Gaurav and his pals had a humorous epiphany when they decided to go against social norms and instead follow their emotions.

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