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Shah Rukh Khan: I am Batman at night, Superman in the morning & Spider-Man in the afternoon

Shah Rukh Khan also wants to do a film along the lines of Leon: The Professional.

Shah Rukh Khan: I am Batman at night, Superman in the morning & Spider-Man in the afternoon
Shah Rukh Khan (Courtesy: Hindustan Times)
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Last Updated: 03.14 AM, Dec 28, 2022

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According to Shah Rukh Khan, he wants to star as an older, very intense, and a quiet guy with grey hair and a beard in a movie similar to Leon: The Professional. In a recent interview, the superstar talked about his next movie, Pathaan. He said that it is the action movie he came to India to make 32 years ago and that he thinks he can still do it at age 57. He also made light of the fact that he is Spider-Man in the afternoon, Batman at night, and Superman in the morning.

On Scoop with Raya, Shah Rukh discussed his bucket list, stating that he wants to take on every task. The actor wishes to play joyful guys, loving guys, mean guys, evil guys, mean guys, warring people, and good guys. SRK completed Pathaan this year, the action movie he first came to do 32 years ago, which has made this year quite intriguing. So he is hoping he still looks like he can pull it off at 57.

The superstar has already made a movie, and he's always wanted to do something with a South Indian theme. It involves different actions and is titled, Jawan. Finally, Shah Rukh has always wanted to collaborate with Rajkumar Hirani. Everyone knows that since 3 Idiots and Munna Bhai MBBS, both have been attempting to collaborate, which is now finally happening.

Shah Rukh went on to say that he wants to make a movie like Leon: The Professional after this. Not Leon, but a movie where he plays an elderly, silent, focused person with gray hair and a beard. He's not sure; regarding it, he's quite playful. The actor doesn't assume the personas and roles he does. He only wants to share a story because someone else wants to, and he wants to tell it as clearly as he can.

SRK will therefore declare that he also loves a story if the filmmaker says, "This is what we love." Let him now do his best to make it as good as he can for them; therefore, he enjoys it. The superstar is a Superman in the morning, a Spider-Man in the evening, and a Batman at night. SRK simply wants to play many personalities.

Shah Rukh and Deepika Padukone co-star in Siddharth Anand's action thriller Pathaan, which also stars John Abraham. The movie is scheduled to premiere on January 25, 2023. Along with Nayanthara, Shah Rukh will also appear in Atlee's forthcoming action movie Jawan. He will also star with Taapsee Pannu in Rajkumar Hirani's upcoming film Dunki.