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Singer Armaan Malik calls for better management of concerts and medical facilities, following KK’s untimely death

Insisting on basic facilities can get artistes blacklisted by event managers and promoters, he said

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 05.16 PM, Jun 01, 2022

Singer Armaan Malik calls for better management of concerts and medical facilities, following KK’s untimely death
Following KK's death, Armaan has made scathing remarks about working conditions of performing artistes

If his social media feed is any indication, popular singer Armaan Malik is quite devastated by the untimely demise of fellow singer KK, after a concert in Kolkata. KK had taken ill after a concert at a college in a closed-door venue that was allegedly overcrowded and lacking facilities like air conditioning, among others. The singer, who was rushed to a hospital later on, succumbed to cardiac arrest en route and was declared brought dead. KK was only 53 at the time of his passing, which has shaken the music fraternity quite a bit, especially after videos of the singer, perspiring heavily and complaining about the offensive Kolkata heat in the auditorium started making the rounds.

Armaan, who had condoled KK’s death late last night when the news broke, then got reflective about how fragile life is, but also later pondered about the working conditions of artistes like him.

Among the stuff he wrote on social media was, “Concerts in India need better mgmt, medical & emergency facilities. I’ve seen and been part of far too many shows that don’t serve the right conditions for us to perform in. But yet, being the artists we are, we continue with performing coz we don’t wanna disappoint our fans.”

When he was then asked why singers don’t insist for basic facilities, including medical support at the venue in the contracts, Armaan responded, “FYI many artists don’t even have show contracts w promoters & if they are at a level where they do & they were properly followed we wouldn’t have to see a day like this. When artists stick to their contracts and don’t budge, promoters say ‘attitude bahut hai, maangein toh dekho’. And henceforth that artist is not booked and then his live business suffers (which is the main income for any artist in this country) coz we don’t make money singing songs. Guess you didn’t know that either. We would all want these facilities for our shows, do we get them? NO.”