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Siri Raasi on Mem Famous: I’m glad that a talent like Sumanth Prabhas got discovered

The actress, who is already popular with netizens for her videos, gets ready for her feature debut

Siri Raasi on Mem Famous: I’m glad that a talent like Sumanth Prabhas got discovered
Siri Raasi on Mem Famous
  • Srivathsan Nadadhur

Last Updated: 10.46 AM, May 25, 2023

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Siri Raasi, whose career took off with Chai Bisket’s digital videos, shorts and the popular title Sisters, is set to make her feature film debut with this week’s release Mem Famous, a brainchild of actor-writer-director Sumanth Prabhas. The one-film-old actress expressed her excitement on working for the rural entertainer that promises to be a laugh riot at the theatres.

“I’ll be tirelessly thanking everyone at Chai Bisket Films and the team of Mem Famous at every given opportunity. I began my journey on Youtube and interned at Chai Bisket and I was more interested to write. In fact, I was keen on every possible craft except acting but the firm opened newer doors and helped me discover the latent actor in me. The rest is history,” she said.


“I had a three-year-long wonderful journey on Youtube - I thank Sharath and Anurag for the opportunity. I’m thrilled to be debuting in films. The feeling of watching our film at the preview show was surreal. We had waited for the film’s release since two and a half years and the wait was totally worth it. I guarantee that you’ll experience a similar vibe in theatres and you’ll relate with the characters and their emotions,” Siri Raasi added.

The actress expressed her happiness that a talent like Sumanth Prabhas got discovered by the industry. “I couldn’t believe it for real when Mahesh Babu tweeted about our film. If that piques your interest and convinces you to come to theatres, we’ll take care of the rest. I am so glad to see myself in the poster. You’ll take a piece of Mem Famous to your homes after you watch it,” she stated.

Mani Aegurla, Mourya Chowdary, Saarya, Kiran Macha, Anji Mama, Narendra Ravi, Muralidhar Goud and Shiva Nandan play other important roles in the film produced by Anurag Reddy, Sharath Chandra, Chandru Manoharan under Chai Bisket Films and Lahari Films.