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Sita Ramam: 5 reasons to watch the movie if you are NOT a hopeless romantic

Dulquer Salmaan, Mrunal Thakur and Rashmika Mandanna's off-beat, period love saga is more than just the picturesque locales and gorgeous people.

Sita Ramam: 5 reasons to watch the movie if you are NOT a hopeless romantic
A still from Sita Ramam
  • Pallabi Dey Purkayastha

Last Updated: 03.33 PM, Sep 17, 2022


"You fall in love only once. Other times you accomodate."

Someone said these profound lines to me the other day and, while watching Sita Ramam, it got me thinking for reasons more than one. 

After watching Hanu Raghavapudi's Sita Ramam swan song (Hindi), I thought long and hard about why the film has deeply resonated with people across age groups, and amongst those speaking different tongues from one another.

So here's my two bits on why everyone should experience Sita Ramam, especially the non-believers, to put it mildly, and have rendered some solid reasons for exploring the film that is a love ballad on love itself.


The narrative, although set in different places and over various timelines, has a simplistic approach towards that elusive emotion called love. Of course, you have the religious angle, coupled with strained international relations, but Sita Ramam, at heart, is the story of two lovers who were in it for the right reasons and didn't waver come what may. Very few stories get the essence of this emotion right, Sita Ramam, thankfully, is not one of those. 

Even the costumes exude old-world charm, and I am digging it!


We all know that the film was made in South Indian languages, with it being dubbed in Hindi, but at a time when different variations of 'love' are available at our disposal, thanks to social media and phone applications, have you wondered why did Sita Ramam stick despite its 60s setting? My hunch is that underneath all that social media attention and the need to keep one's dating score high, the core of every human seeks love. And, Sita and Ram, reinstate just that. 


From the standpoint of storytelling, Sita Ramam delves information at crucial points, and holds the rest of it back for another plot-conflict to emerge. Thus, making the film an emotional roller-coaster for the audience. And that is exactly why even after spending 2 hours and 43 minutes watching their love saga unfold on celluloid, you are never truly 'spent'.


At a time when the country is experiencing socio-political changes, with some exhibiting extreme sensitivity towards certain topics, Sita Ramam is unabashedly bold. With love and innocence as its main themes, the film explores several other subplots that may have made at least a few frown. But, you get swept up in the story of Sita and Ram so deeply, that one never truly gets the time to be 'outraged' or 'fact-check'. In this regard, Sita Ramam is an intelligently made film.


Dulquer Salmaan must have have been a lover boy in his past life (or is a hopeless romantic in the current one, perhaps?) because he internalises the characteristic traits of Ram as if it's second nature to him. Mrunal, too, is grace personified and her chemistry with Salmaan is the the kind of on-screen coupling we wish we saw more of in the romance genre. 

Rashmika Mandanna's fiesty Afreen was a welcome change to this otherwise poignant love story. So, come, let Sita Ramam warm the cockles of your heart...