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Sonal Monteiro plays a bright and bubbly girl in 'Garadi' who's obsessed with Tik-Tok!

The actress recently shared a few key details of her role in an online interview

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 08.25 PM, May 09, 2022

Sonal Monteiro plays a bright and bubbly girl in 'Garadi' who's obsessed with Tik-Tok!
Sonal Monteiro in 'Garadi'

Sonal Monteiro is currently busy shooting for Yogaraj Bhat's 'Garadi'. The actress, who replaced Rachita Ram as the film's female lead, is working with Bhat for the second time in her career (after Panchatantra where Yogaraj Bhat was the producer) and there's been very little said or written about her role in the commercial entertainer. However, Sonal recently divulged a few key details about her character in an interview with an online, also shedding some light on the making of the film.

As reported by the daily, Sonal Monteiro will be seen playing a chirpy girl in 'Garadi' who is obsesse with Tik-Tok. Despite being a girl from a village, her character aspires to be more modern and her entire avatar is jazzed up with vibrant and colorful costumes. Reportedly, it was director Yogaraj Bhat's firm vision to have his leading lady be "bright" and "funky", and the audiences will find her character to be a talkative one through the film. Sonal also shared in the interview that unlike many of her previous roles, she has found the rare opportunity to be bubbly and vivacious on screen.

As far as the term "talkative" is concerned, most fans of Yogaraj Bhat would attest to the fact that the filmmaker's main trait is the verbose nature with which he etches a narrative. A majority of his characters, male or female, have had the penchant for talking on screen and Bhat's masterful play of words has always been a treat to his audience. Be it Ganesh's lively characters in both Mungaru Male or Gaalipata, or Nidhi Subbaiah's perky role in Pancharangi, there's been enough and more scope for his artists to exhibit their finesse in dialogue delivery. It would now be interesting to see how Sonal Monteiro fares under his guidance.

Sonal Monteiro replaced Rachita Ram at the eleventh hour following a call sheet issue emerging in the latter's case. The core team, comprising of Yogaraj Bhat, producer B.C. Patil, and lead hero Yashas Surya, had even met with Rachita at one point to formally announce her involvement in the film. The decision, however, was internally overturned soon after.

As far as the making of 'Garadi' is concerned, recent reports suggest that the film is inching towards completion. Producer and Karnataka minister B.C. Patil will be seen making his acting comeback as a wrestling coach in the film with fellow politician S.T. Somashekar too, reportedly, trying his hand at acting for the very first time. Challenging Star Darshan will be seen playing a crucial role in the film.