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Sonu Nigam and team manhandled by Shiv Sena member at a music festival in Chembur - watch

Sonu Nigam was walking off the stage after his performance at a music festival when a fight broke out, injuring members of the singer's team.

Sonu Nigam and team manhandled by Shiv Sena member at a music festival in Chembur - watch
Sonu Nigam and team manhandled/Instagram

Last Updated: 11.14 AM, Feb 21, 2023


After giving a performance at a music festival in Chembur, Mumbai, on Monday, singer Sonu Nigam was physically assaulted by a man. A fight that broke out as Sonu was leaving the stage also injured the singer, his bodyguard, and a member of his crew. Swapnil Phaterpekar, the son of an MLA, is reportedly the person who shoved Sonu's bodyguard and a member of his team off the stage.

A video of the scuffle was shared on social media. Sonu and his squad are seen leaving the stage, and as they do so, a man pushes Sonu from behind. This resulted in him falling. The accused shoved the singer's security aside when he tried to step in, causing him to stumble and fall to the stairs. When a teammate of Sonu's intervened, he too was pushed down the stairs. On his head, he collapsed. The security for Sonu and his assistant were both hurt and rushed to the hospital.

Sonu Nigam told the media about the event and said that it was all the result of the man wanting to take a selfie with him. Annoyed with the selfie culture, he said, according to ANI, “Aap logon ka jo selfie aur photograph ka jo chala hua hai na, koi samajhta nahi hai (This culture of taking selfies and photographs is so prevalent, nobody understands).”

The singer then narrated what happened at the concert, “After the concert, I was coming down from the stage when a man held me. Then he pushed Hari and Rabbani who came to save me. Then I fell on the steps. If I would have been on the side, I would have fallen too. Rabbani could have died today if there were some iron rods lying on the ground. He was pushed in such a way… You could see in the video… Even I was about to fall.”

Sonu Nigam filed a report with the Chembur police station after the incident. According to ANI, a case has been opened based on the singer's allegation under IPC sections 323 (Punishment for voluntarily causing harm), 341 (wrongful restraint), and 337 (causing harm by conduct threatening life or personal safety of others).

Sonu Nigam added that he has filed a complaint so that people understand the consequences of their actions. He said, “I filed a complaint so that people should think about the consequences when they try to get a selfie or pictures forcefully, there was a commotion, dhakka mukki, arrogance.”

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