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Test your Friends knowledge with these 10 trivia questions before the reunion episode

How well do you know your favourite show?

Harshita Alok Sharma
May 26, 2021
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Unlike Joey, we actually end up remembering all important dates, which is why you’ll find us glancing at the clock throughout the day. Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe are all set to reunite today at 12:32pm when Friends: The Reunion will finally be available to stream on ZEE5. We’ve missed this special gang and how - their triumphs elated us, their heartbreaks saddened us and their idiosyncrasies made them even better.

True fans of the show end up replaying each scene in their memory at the slightest prompt. This feat will probably come in handy later today when the main cast of the show will indulge in answering some Friends trivia, perform impromptu skits, reminisce about their time on set and reveal secrets not known to anyone. But before your memory is tested when you’re already ankle deep in the episode with tears in your eyes, try answering the following Friends trivia to find out how well you truly know the six friends.

1. The weekend when Monica and Chandler go away together as a couple for the first time, Ross receives some devastating news from Emily. She gives him a condition - he can either cut ties with Rachel or forget about fixing his broken marriage. Ross turns up at the apartment to talk to Rachel, but finds her sniffling away, reading a letter. When he asks her what happened, she reveals that her childhood dog had died after being hit by an ice cream truck and was dragged for 19 blocks.


2. Some fans love throwback episodes with the characters’ old persona. Combine that with Thanksgiving and you have episodes like the one where Monica accidentally severs Chandler’s toe. When he reaches the hospital, he sees that a carrot has been carried instead of his toe. He is furious and due to this injury, he earns a rather funny nickname in college.


3. Joey’s always starring in rather weird roles and commercials. However, his craziest advertisement has to be the Amazing Discoveries Infomercial where he has trouble opening a simple product. He continues to express his discomfort at this everyday struggle, till he is presented with the product he is advertising. He then proceeds to use the product, which makes his life simpler. The solution that the product provides is extremely redundant, which makes the rest of the friends laugh at Joey’s infomercial.


4. The ceramic white dog that Joey first buys in season 2 when he moves into his own lavish apartment is despised by Monica. The humongous dog is moved to Monica’s apartment when the boys take over and is even presented to Chandler as a parting gift by Joey when he moves in with Monica.


5. In the Thanksgiving special episode of the seventh season, Phoebe sneaks a dog named Clunkers into Monica’s apartment. Chandler, who is pretending to be allergic to the dog, ultimately has to own up to the fact that is scared of them. Joey warns Chandler not to say anything, because not liking dogs is almost as weird as Ross not liking a certain dessert.


6. The show has multiple references to popular soap operas of the time like Days of Ours Lives and Happy Days. Additionally, the names of the six friends have been inspired by characters from a famous soap opera.


7. Phoebe’s scientist boyfriend David (played by Hank Azaria) was the one a lot of fans expected her to marry. Though he moved to Minsk, leaving their relationship behind, his appearances throughout the show confirmed the bond that the two shared. Ultimately, David almost convinces Phoebe to marry him instead of Mike.


8. Gunther, the man with hair brighter than the sun, is in love with Rachel throughout the series. He buys her ugly Egyptian cat, accepts all of Ross’ old furniture since Rachel has touched it, and is on the brink of professing his love to her on multiple occasions. However, life always gets in the way for this Central Perk owner.


9. The show has been under scrutiny for not maintaining a linear timeline, leaving some of the characters’ age undefined. In the episode where Rachel finally turns 30, the other five recall their birthday memories. Except for this episode, no clarity is provided on how old the friends are in each season. Ross’ age stays constant for three years in the show.


10. In season eight’s Thanksgiving episode, Brad Pitt makes a guest appearance as Will Colbert. Rachel tries to shoot her shot with Will, but soon realises that he truly despises her. He then reveals that he had started a ‘I Hate Rachel Greene’ club in highschool with two other members - Ross and a Thai exchange student.


Check how many you got right - 

Answer 1: LaPooh

Answer 2: Ross

Answer 3: A spout/nozzle to open a milk carton 

Answer 4: Jennifer Aniston 

Answer 5: Ice cream 

Answer 6: All My Children 

Answer 7: Joey 

Answer 8: "Yeah"

Answer 9: 29 years 

Answer 10: Ta-Taka-Ki-Kek

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