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Test your Lupin knowledge with these 10 trivia questions that only super-fans can answer

A set of ten questions to find out how well you know your favourite gentleman thief

Harshita Alok Sharma
Jun 12, 2021
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Lupin has it all- the show features a suave thief, a gripping narrative, the element of novelty and a massive fanbase. The second season of this mystery-thriller web series dropped on Netflix on June 11 and has gone straight to 100 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The show has been praised for its inventiveness, the assimilation of an immigrant’s tale into the plot and the way the story has continued to raise the bars of what audiences know of French thrillers. While the first season laid the basis of Assane Diop (or Lupin, as we know him), a modern, gentleman thief who is on a journey to avenge his father’s murder, the second season explored his rivarly with Hubert Pelligrini and the risks he has to face in order to save his son.

If you’re yet to binge-watch the second season, you should probably test your knowledge of the first part to know if you remember everything correctly. After all, what fun is it going to be to follow Assane’s thrilling adventures without knowing exactly what had happened previously? Here are ten questions that you will only know the answers too if you’ve been keeping up with Lupin:

Question 1: Assane’ desire to destroy the Pelligrini family comes from a significant event that changed his life. His father was falsely accused of stealing the Italian family’s diamond necklace. Unable to bear the shame, he committs suicide in his jail cell. This orphans Assane and sets in place his lifelong ambition to avenge his father’s death.


Question 2: An important aspect of the show is the way it deals with the sentiments of immigrants. Assane is the son of an immigrant and so is Omar Sy who plays the character. The actor was born in France to two immigrant parents. But his father shares one thing in common with Assane’s father - they belong to the same native land.


Question 3: Maurice Leblanc created the character of Arséne Lupin, who is now considered the French counterpart of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. The magazine that used to exclusively print the adventures of Lupin was a popular French publication which began in 1905.


Question 4: In the second episode of season 1, Assane first finds out that he should go meet Ètienne Comet to find out about his father. Comet was his father’s friend in prison, who ultimately gives Assane a huge clue that brings him one step closer to his revenge.


Question 5: Maurice Leblanc, influenced by Doyle’s writing, decided to include Sherlock in the short story Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late. This was the first meeting between the gentleman burglar and the greatest detective of all time.


Question 6: Leblanc’s inspiration for a character as modern as Lupin came from another famous literary character. This character, who is also an orphan, was created by French author Pierre Alexis Ponson du Terrail.


Question 7: Lupin attends an auction at the Louvre. He had already infiltrated the museum by entering under an alias as a janitor. When he has to participate in the auction to buy the necklace, he uses a different name.


Question 8: Assane’s life revolves around his family. He is attempting to avenge his father’s death, trying to keep his son protected at all times and dealing with his complicated relationship with Claire. Assane takes his family to a seaside festival where his son’s safety is compromised and he is kidnapped by Pelligrini’s men.


Question 9: The first three episodes of Lupin have been directed by someone who has had his fair share of fame. The last two episodes were brought to life by Marcela Said.


Question 10: Omar Sy has starred in popular projects like X Men: Days of Future Past and Transformers: The Last Knight. The French actor was featured in a film that won him a César Award, making him the first African-American recipient.


How many did you get right? Find out here:

Answer 1: Louvre

Answer 2: Senegal

Answer 3: Je Sais Tout

Answer 4: The Confessions of Arsene Lupin

Answer 5: Herlock Sholmes

Answer 6: Rocambole

Answer 7: Paul Sernine

Answer 8: Etretat

Answer 9: The Incredible Hulk

Answer 10: The Intouchables

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