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The Hunt for Veerappan Twitter reviews: Netizens say documentary’s terrific and a must watch

The four-part documentary, out now on Netflix, delves into how Veerappan went from being a poacher to smuggler and why he was revered in some parts of the ‘territory’ he frequented

The Hunt for Veerappan Twitter reviews: Netizens say documentary’s terrific and a must watch
Still from The Hunt for Veerappan. YouTube screengrab
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Last Updated: 06.00 PM, Aug 04, 2023


In 2004, dreaded sandalwood smuggler and bandit, Veerappan, was killed in an operation by the Special Task Force, almost 20 years after he began his ‘reign’ in the forest ranges of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The 20-year manhunt to nab the forest brigand, was one of the biggest and most expensive operations undertaken, during which time, many good officers were lost, as Veerappan got rid of some of his most notable ‘opponents’.

Directed by Selvamani Selvaraj, the four part documentary The Hunt For Veerappan, out now on Netflix, explores the rise and fall of the bandit. Told largely from the perspective of investigative journalist Sunaad Raghuram, and interviews with Veerappan’s widow, Muthulakshmi, former STF officers and Veerappan gang members, the documentary is finding favour with audiences.

Here’s what they think of it…


#TheHuntForVeerappan #Review 8/10 Rating. The best Docuseries by #Netflix coming out of #India after #DelhiCrime. Great interviews and correct run time keeps us engaged and interested. Brought back childhood memories of news and tales of #veerapan. Must watch on #NetflixIndia

#TheHuntForVeerappan a good documentary without compromise

#Veerappan #TheHuntForVeerappan #Netflix shows how he became what he was, and how he has been taken out by #deception and #betrayal

#TheHuntForVeerappan Frm my teens, hve been listening, watchng, reading abt this Mighty Man tales. This series shows both sides of stories, nevr heard brutality, takes us to deep thick jungle, n lastly, kick-ass theme song. Selvamani Selvraj nevr backs down wth strong questions.

#TheHuntForVeerappan It’s worth watching. Surprisingly shocking to witness that such incidents happened in real. Both Tamilnadu & Karnataka governments fumbled & became clueless for about 20years to catch him. The biggest huntttttt

Terrific documentary with some goosebumps and spine chilling moments. 🔥🔥 #TheHuntForVeerappan