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The most underwhelming movies of 2022: From Blonde to Raksha Bandhan

2022 was a year of surprising sleeper hits and some disappointing big budget flops. What really got our goat were those overhyped movies that failed to perform in theatres and were rejected when they dropped on streamers as well.

The most underwhelming movies of 2022: From Blonde to Raksha Bandhan

List hai toh hit hai

  • Nikhil Kumar

Last Updated: 01.41 PM, Dec 14, 2022


2022 was a year of surprising sleeper hits and some disappointing big budget flops. What really got our goat were those overhyped movies that failed to perform in theatres and were rejected when they dropped on streamers as well. And these were films which included A-list actors, were helmed by some promising filmmakers and were also backed by some nifty pre-release promotions. But they were also victims of sub-average performances, weak plots and drab storytelling which resulted in inimitable disasters on screen that we’d like to shed from memory before the year closes. We’re sure you know the kind of films we’re talking about. But here’s our

list of some of the most underwhelming movies of 2022.

Uncharted (Netflix)

Video games fans were not impressed with the cinematic portrayal of the award-winning game franchise, Uncharted. The beloved video game is known for the thrill and excitement it evokes but the live-action film starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan managed neither. The film follows a treasure-hunting adventure for the 500-year-old lost fortune of Ferdinand Magellan. Ironically, Uncharted failed to build on the adventure track and picked a rather juvenile approach in rendering this acclaimed franchise on the big screen. Despite being one of the highest-grossing video game adaptations, the film received conflicting reviews with most critics pinning its lackluster storyline for its failure.

Blonde (Netflix)

Even before its premiere on Netflix, the film had garnered a lot of controversy surrounding the premise. The autobiographical film follows the fictionalized life of Marilyn Monroe who is used as a vessel to unveil the dark side of Hollywood. Ana De Armas, who is pegged as one of the most promising actresses to have debuted in Hollywood in recent years, went through a major transformation to slip into her role of Marilyn Monroe, the eternal blonde bombshell. The film, however, received contradictory reviews from both critics and the audience. The major part of the backlash was assigned to the graphic and unethical representation of Monroe’s life and the excessive creative liberties that the makers took in an attempt to draft a compelling narrative.

Liger (Disney+ Hotstar)

The romance between a rising MMA fighter and a social media influencer may come across as a match made in hell. But audiences were stoked about this film, primarily since it marked Telugu superstar Vijay Deverakonda’s Bollywood debut. Deverakonda, best known for his turn in Arjun Reddy, plays a stammering chaiwallah who wants to fulfil his late father’s dream of winning the MMA national championship. The movie shifts jerkily from his almost-toxic relationship with his mother to his new-found romance with Tanya, played by the glamorous Ananya Panday. The makers hoped that Mike Tyson’s cameo would be enough for audiences to survive if not ignore the drab proceedings that hope to pass for a story. But sadly, even the heavyweight champion fails to punch any life into this ludicrous cowering spectacle.

Raksha Bandhan (Zee5)

Raksha Bandhan is a film where Akshay Kumar steps into the shoes of an older brother whose only life goal is to get his four sisters married. The jaded plot is jarring and you’ve seen it too often in those cringe-worthy 80s movies.The plight of a low-income brother who’s compelled to part with his kidney to cobble together funds to pay dowry for his sisters. It’s toxic patriarchy at its finest. But what’s worse, Raksha Bandhan actually packs in minimum wage humour that strips the film of any sensitivity and dilutes the whole message about the evils of dowry. Even the voices of the four sisters in the film seem to be drowned by the cacophony. This could’ve been a heart-warming family drama that instills if not reinforces the burning need for female education and financial independence. But it only ends up being a poor joke at our expense.

Shamshera (Amazon Prime Video)

There’s been a boom in Indian period films in recent years. Audience just love being transported to a different time and taking in the elaborate costumes and ways that were specific to that period. So its surprising that Shamshera was panned by critics and audiences alike. In the film, Ranbir Kapoor plays a tribal leader who forsakes his life to save his tribe from being enslaved by the sadistic officer, Shudh Singh played by Sanjay Dutt. The film’s crumbling storyline lacks pace and it’s difficult to stay focussed or sink into the premise given that there’s only as much to go with. Many felt that the film didn’t deserve the likes of Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt who occasionally impress with their acting chops. But with the material falling flat, there’s little that could save this sinking ship.

Morbius (Netflix)

MCU fans were excited to see Jared Leto as Dr Michael Morbius along with Doctor Who-fame Matt Smith as Milo. The film follows the villain’s origin story which is that of a genius scientist with a rare blood disease who strives to find a cure. In this pursuit, he infects himself with a rare form of vampirism. This common trope of superhero movies was prevalent in the 90s, but in recent years, it appears predictable and a little too cloying. Fans are aware of the acting capabilities of both Jared Leto and Matt Smith, so it was particularly disappointing to see their talent being utterly wasted. Marvel, we’re looking at you to be more cautious before greenlighting projects in future.

Well thats the OTTplay List hai toh hit hai for today, until the next time it's your host Nikhil signing out.

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  • Written by Sneha Singh