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The Simpsons: 6 times when Homer Simpson shows that he’s actually a good family man

Here is a look of the number of times when the lazy incompetant Homer Simpson was kind, caring and a good father and someone whom you could look up to. 

Samayeshwari Vithaspa
Aug 17, 2021
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The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a beloved cartoon TV show among people of all generations, be it boomers or Gen Z. The American satire is relatable as it shows a middle-class family that is perfectly imperfect. With the chaos and drama in the family every day, there is never a dull moment being with them on screen. One such troublemaker from the family (and I am not talking about the devil, Bart) is Homer Simpson - the one who spawned the devil. Homer is a lazy, slacker, incompetent, foolish and a dumb man. You could also go on to say that he’s a terrible father - choking Bart continuously, getting Lisa sick, and forgetting that he also has a third child who he does not treat right. Nevertheless, there are times when Homer Simpson shows that he is a loving father, husband and a competent family man. Here are some episodes to prove that theory.

1) Simpsons roasting on an open fire

The simpsons- s01e01

Season 1 episode 1

As always, the Simpson family are short of funds for Christmas shopping, so Homer takes up the job of acting as Santa at shopping malls when he realises that dressing up as Santa pays well. And as always, he ends up doing something stupid by betting the money at a dog race, hoping to earn more. But as expected, he loses all his money and ends up getting the dog on which he betted on, Santa’s Little Helper, for his family. The dog might be a menace and a naughty canine but becomes a part of the family and Bart’s best friend.

2) Lisa the beauty queen

Lisa beauty pageant

Season 4 episode 4

During a school fair, Lisa gets a caricature of herself and feels low and is horrified thinking that she’s unattractive. Homer wins a raffle prize ticket to ride the Duff beer blimp but seeing how gloomy Lisa is, he sells the ticket to enrol her for a beauty pageant competition to boost her self-esteem. Lisa wins the pageant but is dejected when she has to endorse a cigarette company as they were the official sponsors for the pageant. She ends up losing the title again on a technicality when Homer wrongly fills up her pageant form. Nevertheless, Lisa feels happy and better about herself and ensures that her father feels the same.

3) King of the Hill

Homer on the mountain

Season 9 episode 23

Homer decides to get into shape when he realises that Bart is embarrassed of his father’s flab. Seeing his father two months after the gym workout with bunched up muscled arms awes Bart. In addition to this, he decides to climb a dangerous mountain as a part of a marketing campaign to make his son proud of his dad. He ultimately ends up at the tip of the mountain, saying that this is “as far as a Simpson could go”. This gesture made Bart be proud of his dad.

4) Maggie makes three

Maggie pictures

Season 6 episode 13

Homer starts reminiscing when his kids ask him why he has no pictures of Maggie in the photo album. He talks about how he finally got his dream job at the bowling alley after paying off his dues and loans. Life was going good until Homer learns that Marge is pregnant with Maggie. He leaves his dream job for more money and goes back to the nuclear power factory, where Mr Burns puts up a plaque at his cabin that says, “Don’t forget, you’re here forever.” After Maggie was born, he felt it was all worth it. As for her missing pictures, he stuck them on the plaque in such a way that the wordings now read, “Do it for her”.

5) You only move twice

Homer leaving his favourite job

Season 8 episode 2

The Simpsons move to a nearby town in Cypress Creek where the family gets an awesome automated house in a cool neighbourhood. Homer also gets an amazing job where he is friends with the boss. But it turns out that it’s only Homer who is enjoying the new life and the rest are unhappy. He decides to throw it all away to move back to Springfield for his family’s well-being.

6) A Milhouse divided

Homer proposal to Marge

Season 8 episode 6

When Homer gets scared that Marge might divorce him after Milhouse parents’ divorce, he realises how he has been neglecting his wife and decides to overcompensate the loss so much so that he starts intruding into her personal space. This irritates Marge. So, Homer decides to divorce and remarry her, having a crazy notion that he shall be a good husband in his next marriage. This warms Marge’s heart and she goes along with Homer’s plan. They have a small but perfect wedding at their home with their children and their neighbours.

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